EXCLUSIVE: Buhari’s Terrorists-Linked Minister, Secures Secret Employment For Son Despite Public Notice Of No Recruitment

EXCLUSIVE: Buhari’s Terrorists-Linked Minister, Secures Secret Employment For Son Despite Public Notice Of No Recruitment

Buhari’s Terrorists-Linked Minister, Secures Secret Employment For Son Despite Public Notice Of No Recruitment

Nigeria’s terrorists-linked Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Ali Pantami, has perfected plans to bring in his son, Abdulrahman, into the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as staff in a secret employment process, characteristic of most federal government agencies.

It was learnt on Friday that Abdulrahman has been bragging about his employment around town and boasting that he did not need to do an interview before he got his “suitable position” in the NCC.

Sources disclosed to SaharaReporters that although on November 25, 2022, the NCC publicly announced on all its social media platforms and newspapers that it was not recruiting, Pantami was able to secure employment for his son via backdoor channels.

“To our surprise, we heard that Pantami who rarely spends a week in the country has decided to force the NCC to the recruit his son that he has been taking to office and showing him (Abdulrahman) confidential documents.

“The boy who was initially in a private university in Abuja when his father settled (indeed) into NITDA (a technology agency) was sent to the UK to finish his studies. Since he graduated recently, he has done nothing more than travel with his dad and hang around Hausa actors and actresses and he is now on the verge of getting recruited into NCC while President Buhari tells graduates that the government has no job for them,” a top source revealed.

Terrorists-Linked Minister
Terrorists-Linked Minister

“The boy has been bragging around town that he did not need to do interview but just for formality sake and he will be recruited at a suitable position in NCC, so there is job for the Chosen ones but not for common peoples’ children. This is consistent with the callousness of the Buhari-led government of recruiting their kids into offices; then claiming to the public that the MDAs are not recruiting,” another source corroborated.

“If you recall when the so-called Maigaskiya allowed Godwin Emefiele to recruit children of Mamman Daura into the Central Bank of Nigeria, the children only spent a year before getting tired of it,” he noted.

“Also recall that the same Buhari in his recent interview claimed that graduates should go and find something to do because there is no job for them in government; now a member of the cabal and terrorists sympathiser is recruiting his son into a NCC at a position he should not be,” another source corroborated,

All efforts to reach the Head of Human Capital or the Director of Public Affairs of NCC on why Pantami’s son was getting employed despite their false disclaimer were not successful as of press time.

Pantami had been in the news earlier in 2021 over his past call to Jihad and unalloyed support for murderous groups like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

“This jihad is an obligation for every single believer, especially in Nigeria,’’ Pantami was quoted as saying in one of his vicious preaching in the 2000s.

“Oh God, give victory to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda,” he was quoted to have also said.

According to SaharaReporters’ reports, in other audio clips that surfaced online, Pantami was also heard as sympathetic to Boko Haram members when delivering sermons at several worship centres in the 2000s.

However, Pantami claimed he had renounced his radical comments and said his views had changed over time. He said he had in the past 15 years been traversing the country to preach against terrorism.

Despite the Minister’s claim, most Nigerians said the minister ought to have resigned due to public backlash and be investigated by the authorities. Should he fail to resign, some commentators said he ought to be sacked by the President.

But the Presidency, in glaring support for Pantami, dismissed the possibility of sacking the controversial Minister because he had allegedly apologised for his radical views.

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