The Mystery Behind Our Challenges And Problems

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The Mystery Behind Our Challenges And Problems

The reward system of God kingdom is built on solving problems . In this our kingdom, God created us to be rich . In this regard , no child of God is supposed to be poor .

Our problems and challenges we go through are our invitation for our reward . Our problems are not an obstacle to kill us . Any time we see problems around us and our society , it is God inviting u for a reward . For example , the Israelites saw a champion that cannot be conquer but David saw a philistine and he is interested to know the price tag if he kills him . According to the law of the reward system in the realm of the spirit or God’s kingdom , our problems are invitation for a reward .
The problems we solve in this 3 diamentional world decide our significant . The king has a problem and David showed up as a solution and he was rewarded heavily .
Pharoah had a problem but that problem is an opportunity for the lifting of Joseph .
My dear brothers and sister in God vine yard , please do not forget that the problems nearest to u is your exit toward your current season . This means that any time you ask God for open doors , keep looking at your current problems or challenges . That problems is the door God will use to lift you up . This explain why we are failures today bcos of our inability to look at our challenges as a door to a new dimention in life.
When u ask God for greater significance or to take u to a strange diamention in life , He will reward u by providing great solution . Everytime we pray and ask to bless us , He will do so by empowering
You to solve problems .
When God wants to promote you , He will gives u greater problems to solve . When it was time for God to announce or lift David , Goliath showed up . Other people were seeing Goliath as an obstacle but David was seeing a door . The size of ur Goliath ( challenges) determine the size of ur breakthrough .
Those who hate problems and challenges will fail in life or cannot be lifted to another realm . Is like repeating a class . Problems and challenges are your exit out of your current season . The size of your throne will determine the size of the Goliath u will kill . There are different kinds of throne . If u are not solving problems or encountering challenges u will never move forward .
In Deuterononmy 8:18 God gives us power (ability ) to create wealth . The power to get wealth is what came upon Jacob . He use this power to solve laban’s problems . Laban testify that God has bless him bcos of Jacob . What type of technology that Jacob use that made animal start multiplying by looking at water .
Could it be where we are right now is bcos we have not identify the solution we can provide for the problems we are going through right now . ??
Instead of seeing your challenges as enemies , start looking at them as a friend . Without them , we cannot be promoted .
Thanks once again for your time and effort u put to read . May u be richly bless . If u are going through any challenges that is eating u up , please share them with me , so I will advice and counsel u and give u spiritual keys how to over come them . I will try and tell u whether it is demonic or God or yourself .

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