EXPOSED: The Mystery Behind Holy Water And Anointing Oil

EXPOSED: The Mystery Behind Holy Wate And Anointing Oil

Yesterday I attended a church in Jesus Celebration Centre in polokwane Dalmada. There was a pastor who was preaching about the holy spirit. He taught how the holy spirit is important in our lives, his role, where He is and who he is.

On his revelation he came to a point where he start pointing out the material things that symbolizes the holy spirit. He mentioned this followings as the symbols of the holy spirit according to the bible. Water, fire, light and oil. He started emphasizing his point on water and oil because, these two have brought controvesy in the church.

The Mystery Behind

Water: Jesus said; “when you drink of the water I give you, you will never thirsty again, out of your bellies shall flow, rivers of the living water. Living water is the holy spirit, water symbolizes the flow of the holy spirit. Your physical body can’t survive without water, fish out of water dies, so to survive in your relationship with God, you need the holy spirit.

The Mystery Behind
The Mystery Behind

Oil: 1samuel 16, Samuel is send by God with the horn of oil to anoint David. After David was anointed by oil, the spirit of God came upon him. He was empowered to be King or serve God the day he was anointed by oil.

The Mystery Behind

You can’t do the work of God unless you are anointed. Oil represents the the anointing of the holy spirit. You can’t have the spirit unless you are anointed. To be a pastor or any spiritual leader, you need to be anointed for the spirit of what you are going to be to come upon you.

The Mystery Behind

Oil is not the holy spirit but it represent the holy spirit, just like water.

The mystery behind holy water and anointing oil. Kindly leave your comment on the comments section.

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