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FULL LIST: Names And Phone Numbers Of Politicians Recruiting Thugs In South-East Finally Revealed

FULL LIST: Names And Phone Numbers Of Politicians Recruiting Thugs In South-East Finally Revealed

Naija News House brings to you Names And Phone Numbers Of Politicians Recruiting Thugs In South-East

The insecurity in south east Nigeria continues to baffle stakeholders and innocent citizens, the Independent People of Biafra, IPOB has distanced itself from involving in criminal activities of killing and kidnapping.

The group, over time, has maintained that it’s mission is to ensure that the continuous marginalization of Igbo people in the socio political echelon of Nigeria is addressed frontally.

However, to prove it’s innocence in the surge of thuggery, the group, in a statement Monday afternoon, made available to OpenLife, released names and phone number of politicians and individuals in the south east allegedly responsible for the increasing dehumanizing rascality.

The statement, signed by its spokesman, Comrade Emma Powerful and titled ” We

We are the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB under the leadership and command of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU. Based on intelligence available to us, we want to expose those behind the senseless killings and burning of innocent people’s properties and houses in Imo State and other parts of South East Region.

Those who created criminals, political thugs, cultists and unknown gunmen behind the kidnapping, snatching of people’s cars and raping of our mothers, wives and sisters wanted to implicate IPOB and ESN but they have shot themselves in the leg.

We are warning Hon. Chris Azubogu representing Nnewi North and South federal consituency in the House of Representatives, and his co-travellers to be careful over their call for the military to besiege Lilu, and Orsumoghu Communities. We don’t have ESN camps in these communities including Orsu, Oru West and East of Imo State. Those calling for military action in the Communities should be ready to take responsibility for any innocent Biafran that will be killed by the blood-thirsty soldiers.

Thugs In South-East

ESN and IPOB volunteers are not involved in these criminal activities going on in the South East region. Operatives of Ebubeagu security outfit created by these politicians are responsible for these atrocities.

Our intelligence unit has uncovered some politicians involved in the recruitment of thugs behind the ongoing madness in Imo State and other parts of Biafra. Some of these politicians include:

(1) HON Ekene Anaduele A.k.A Stainless, Former APGA Aspirant in Imo State.

(2) C.O.C Akaolisa Attorney General, (Idemili Akwu Ojor Eziinwanne NA Orsu) Phone number is 08033368473

(3) HON Emman Uguru, Deputy Chairman Orsu, (Edu Awo Idemili ). He is using his younger brother, Enerst to recruit fake ESN members causing and killing Hope Uzodinma’s political opponents in Imo State His phone number is 08063785163.

(4) Chairman of all chairmen, Awo Idemili Town Union, Mazi Ikenna Ezubeozor. He is also in charge of recruitments. His phone number is 08035749943

(5) Chairman and Youth Leader, Amaokwe Chukwuka. (Phone number is 08057959531)

(6) Obinna Izonobi Edeukwu, Head of Community Police Orsu, now head of EBUBEAGU in Orsu LGA Imo State. He took oath to eliminate our people. His phone number is 08035223225.

(7) Oguwara Uzor, President Ndu Ukwu is among those who recruited them to kill our people. His phone number is 08026620212

(8) Nwadi Ikeh, another frontliner in his area recruiting fake ESN operatives. His phone number is 07048205211

(9) The Ejimas – sons of Police officer in Awo Idemili. People living in the area know them too well. They live at Paul Agundu’s house at Awo. They are usually seen around Produce in Awo.

Our people must hold them accountable if anything untoward happens to these communities because they invited soldiers to besiege them. These criminals recruited by Hope Uzodinma’s men and Hon. Chris Azubogu of Nnewi are political thugs hired to execute their election projects. The guns they gave them during the election season have not been retrieved. They are now using the same guns to commit so many crimes and blame them on innocent members of IPOB and ESN

They started using the Ak 47 rifles in killing our people after elections. Now the politicians who engaged them are still keeping them against 2023.

ESN has camps in every part Biafraland, why then is it in Imo State that senseless killings are going on unabated. Politicians are behind the carnages not ESN operatives

Thugs In South-East

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