FULL LIST: 5 Things I Always Have In My Bag, Tiwa Savage

FULL LIST: 5 Things I Always Have In My Bag, Tiwa Savage

Naija News House brings to you 5 Things Tiwa Savage Always Have In he Bag,

Somebody’s son singer, Tiwa Savage has revealed indispensable items that are always in her bag.

In a video clip titled “CATCHING UP WITH TIWA: Episode 1/5” shared via her Instagram page, the Afro pop singer listed five items she never goes anywhere without.

They include cell phone, charging wire, lip gloss, perfume and face mask.

Number 1 African Bad Gyal said: “Five things that I absolutely always have to have in my bag. My cell phone and it always has a monkey hanging at the back.

“I always have to have my charging wire. And my phone has to be fully charged cos I have to be ready when somebody’s son calls me.

“I always have to have my lip gloss. And this is actually a really cheap lip glossy thing. But don’t judge me guys. It’s in a Fendi bag, so we balance it, okay.

“I don’t go anywhere without my perfume. I believe like when you walk into somewhere, like your smell should make the entrance first before you walk in. And when you leave, people should be like, “Wait, was Tiwa Savage just here?”

“And last but not least, face mask. You have to be safe guys. Covid is real and it’s still out there. Wear your mask, okay.”

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