I Collected My Money Back From An Ungrateful Woman – Oyedepo Blows Hot

I Collected My Money Back From An Ungrateful Woman – Oyedepo Blows Hot

Bishop Oyedepo says I Collected My Money Back From An Ungrateful Woman

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke to his members on the need to be grateful for everything that God does for them.

He revealed that a woman asked him for help and he gave her some money, but the woman said it is not enough. He asked the woman to bring the money so that he can add to it and immediately she gave him, he collected it and said “thank you and God bless you.” He said that if you are not grateful, you will be losing ground on a daily basis. She didn’t keep anything with him and out of compassion, the man of God decided to give her money. “That is what God does to the ungrateful,” he said.

Ungrateful Woman

Ungrateful Woman

According to him, what that individual was supposed to do was to say ‘thank you, I am not worthy of this’ and he will have said ‘come back, add to it.” He said that when you are not grateful, God will collect your blessings back. He then advised them not to let God do that because they have nowhere else to go. He said that they were thanking God when they were 4; from 4 to 8; from 8 to 12 and as they were dancing at each stage, God kept adding.

He further explained that we are all still under construction. He is still working on us to make us better until we come to the fullness of his stature. Be grateful for every stage or you don’t pass to the other stage. God will never break his word no matter your condition. If you are not grateful, you will be stranded. He said that he saw that same person still crying for help last week and it is about nine years ago.

“Don’t let God put you aside. There is nothing this woman would need for help that she cannot access, but she is not grateful,” he said.

Ungrateful Woman

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