JUST IN: Real Reason Why APC Sacked Buni Revealed

JUST IN: Real Reason Why APC Sacked Buni

Naija News House brings to you Real Reason Why APC Sacked Buni

Facts regarding recent events within the ruling All Progressives Congress have revealed why the erstwhile caretaker Committee Chairman Mai Mala Buni was removed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Impeccable sources within the ruling party and the Nigerian Presidency said that the Yobe State Governor was removed because the highest echelon of the party found some uncomfortable malfeasance and tendencies in his style of administration.

”Buni did not actually want to leave as chairman and was doing everything to perpetuate himself by obstructing plans to ensure that the March 26 National Convention of our great party did not hold. There have been series of subterfuge,” the source said.

”Most of the activities and announcements and actions by the Buni-led Caretaker Committee in recent times have portrayed Mr President as incompetent in taking a decision and standing by it, but this is not so. The Party and Mr President discovered a lot of corruption and untoward actions by Buni and his team, which goes against the principles of our great party.”

Why APC Sacked Buni

Why APC Sacked Buni 
Why APC Sacked Buni

Asked to name specific and immediate cause of Buni’s removal, the source who is also familiar with high -level decisions made by the party and the presidency in recent times, said: ” We are all in this country and have seen how, for instance, two zoning documents allegedly signed by Mr President started flying around.

What an embarrassment! He was actually interested in frustrating the National Convention and finding a way of advancing his personal interest and those of a few who are enemies of our great party.”

”Let me shock you; President Buhari actually ordered the arrest of Mai Mala Buni and was bent on making him pay instantly for some of his actions until Mr President was reminded that Buni still has immunity as a sitting governor of Yobe State.”

It’s unfortunate that people used the name of Mr President to pursue some personal agenda; whereas, President Buhari did not know anything about most of their actions. We believe that the new administrator in the person of the governor of Niger State, His Excellency Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello will successfully lead our great party through the National Convention in a more transparent and corruption-free process.. Let me end it here for now.”

”Where is Buni now?”, the source derisively asked.

Another source said the former chairman actually worked against the directives and interest of the President and contributed to the failure of the APC in Anambra State but failing to carry out the instruction of Mr President which he communicated to him in writing.

”Buni failed to seek a consensus in Anambra State as directed by Mr President and actually waited until the one month window elapsed.’. We thank Mr President for doing the needful,” the source said.

Why APC Sacked Buni

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