Why people plans and they do not succeed?

Why people plans and they do not succeed?

The ways of God are far beyond human comprehension, and they’re made known through his mighty work. Understand that God’s great deeds are products of his deep thoughts and not otherwise. This telling you that nothing can be done without a thought process.

Planning is sine qua non of thinking. If you cannot think, you cannot. And if you cannot plan, you cannot achieve. It is a simple as that.

According to a survey taken by day. Timers inc; an American firm, only one- third of people around the world plan their daily schedules. And of those who plan, only 9% follow through and complete what they’ve planned to do.

If you want to be effective, you must be able to make the transition from working by chance to working by plan.

A german novelist wolfgang von goeth said, things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least’. If you prioritize your life and plan your day but don’t follow through on your plan; your results will be the same as those of someone who didn’t prioritize or plan at all. When you think and plan, and you’re able to execute it efficiently; success is guaranteed.

Start your planning by setting realistic goals of what you want to achieve in the nearest future. Set aside some quite time for thinking and meditation. Ask yourself earnestly what you really want in life. What is it that will make your life meaningful and worth living? Make it a real deeper- soul- searching session.

Be honest and open minded; and be free. Let your thoughts roam. Whatever comes into your mind, write them down. Afterwards, sit down and sort out your list of needs into short, medium and long range goals.

Next, start implementing your plans to achieve your goals from where you are and with what have. Setting of goals and putting well formulated plans in an achievable format are the hallmarks of every successful man and woman all through history. You must learn and master these skills if you are sincere about your aspiration for success.

It is not how much you have or don’t have that is the issue. The issue is; what are you doing with that which is in your hands right now?

Planning means thinking ahead of time… it means seeing the problem ahead and solving it upfront before it arises. It’s about projecting into the future. When this is done, it helps you gain control over circumstances which could not be averted; because you’ve already been able to sense them before they strike.

It is said that, proper preparations prevent poor performance.

Why people don’t plan

  1. They can’t do it the way it supposed to do
  2. Some have tried and failed before, they do not want to fail again
  3. Some have misconceived and distorted religious beliefs about planning and working for future provision and comfortable lifestyle. They quote and interpret words in the bible and other religious books according to what’s in their heads and not according to what the scripture says.

Harvest is meant only for the planters… as it is written; whatsoever a man sowed, so also shall he reap. So in order not to reap disappointment; now is the right time to stand up and take positive steps towards discovering your true self; in readiness for a robust harvest season.

Why do many people plan and yet do not succeed?

Careful planning requires you having to write down your thoughts. Take it one step at a time; because that’s essential to achieving them.

The simples part of a plan is the thinking aspect. But a greater percentage of the population do not go beyond that stage to the next… which is to write it down as aback up to what they already conceived. That is why very few people succeed because breakthrough is only possible when thoughts are written down in an orderly manner; and systematically followed to a practical logical conclusion.

Feasibility studies reveal that it’s only about 10% of people that go beyond the thinking or conceptual phase of a plan; to the next tangible phase of writing it down.

Four secrets of the rich

  1. They effectively and efficiently plan and channel their time, energy and intellect toward wealth generating activities.
  2. They do not procrastinate.
  3. They save and invest their money wisely.
  4. They always think of ways and means of meeting the needs of others and how to be greater service to them. As a result they are rewarded and appreciated with more money more wealth.

To succeed in the life, you’ve got to apply the secrets of successful people; such as;

Planning and managing your time properly

The currency of rich people is personal time management. Afterwards, they progress to buying and managing other people’s time through a constructive, creative action plan. Doing otherwise is to them a waste their future and existence. They’re good time managers. But prosperous people are excellent time managers.

Decide not to procrastinate

Procrastination is mostly common with the poor, lazy, dependent and futureless people procrastinators do not have or know reason why they exist; that’s wasteful, yet non resourceful.

Invest wisely

One of the major discouraging factors is unproductive investment. If your mind is fixed for success, then you must guard against listening to every advice taking every turn.

Those at the top didn’t get there by investing their time, money, energy and skills on just anything that called for their attention.

Successful people don’t save to spend, they save to invest

Investment is the first step of preparation toward offering situations to problems. Purpose driven individuals often engage in quality thinking which bring about rewarding ideas; thus becoming a channel through which people’s needs are met by way of products or services.

Be an intelligent personal financial manager

i. Make every penny count

ii. Avoid impulse buying

iii. Do not buy things on credit, try as much as you can to pay cash

iv. Deposit your money in the bank

v. Seek the advice of mentors and financial experts and apply them .

vi. Work to gain experience not just for monetary benefits

vii. Enroll for programs and trainings for a continuous personal improvement

viii. Work to expand your means.

Planning is the bridge that connects you from where you are at present, to where you want to be in the future.

Take charge to stay top

If people are able to control and manipulate you, it is not their fault; but yours. You must learn to set some boundaries.

If you can’t take ownership of your affairs, no matter how hard you try; your life will always remain at an average level because someone can easily make you veer off your tracks.

Self first isn’t selfishness

Many people go about very upset, frustrated, discouraged and battered because they have made the mistake of taking on a false sense of responsibility from close friends, colleagues or family members that refused to do the right thing.

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