Benefits Of Been A Magnetic Mother

Benefits Of Been A Magnetic Mother

Benefits of been a magnetic mother. One universal attribute of a magnet is that it swiftly attracts any object that has even the smallest element of iron in it.

This should be the nature of mothers in relating with their children.

Like a magnet you are supposed to attract your children. How do you go about this? First and foremost, you must possess the spirit of God which is only made possible by yielding to the Lordship of Christ.

Benefits Of Been A Magnetic Mother
Benefits Of Been A Magnetic Mother

The magnetic women who possesses the spirit of God is the pivot of the home, the wheels on which all move and the fire that gives the home its warmth.

She is the unifying factor in the home, making it a pleasant place to be. The children always gain a lot from interactions with her.

This woman’s love, gentleness and understanding in training them are so practical and winsome that they are all positively influenced.

Moreover, this woman is the type that has a mother’s heart that is selfless and sacrificial, willing to endure suffering to any length for the sake of her children.

No job is too menial to undertake in order to provide for the family or augment the family income.

Beside, the magnetic women manifest love enthusiastically and even when she corrects the children, they see the love behind every correction and are grateful, willing and prompt to amend their ways.

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This wonderful woman understands and identifies with the reasoning of children as they mature.

Consequences, as the children begin to grow into young adult she acts and treats them with respect which they enjoy and appreciate.

Moreover, when you become a magnetic woman, pulling and attracting your children to Godliness and progress through a life worthy of all pleasing, they will turn out well favoured in life and God’s grace will make of them His planned purpose for their lives.

Benefits Of Been A Magnetic Mother
Benefits Of Been A Magnetic Mother

Even when some of them appear difficult with discouraging tendencies, hold on tenaciously to all the virtues that make you a magnetic woman and you will be pleasantly surprised at the impact your life will have on those children.

Benefits of been a magnetic mother. May God help the mothers. What is your comment?

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