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Former NDDC Boss Finally Speaks On Having An Affair With The Wife Of Late Super TV CEO

Former NDDC Boss Finally Speaks On Having An Affair With The Wife Of Late Super TV CEO

Timi Alaibe, former MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), has denied having an affair with Brenda Usifo, the wife of late Michael Usifo Ataga, founder and CEO of Super TV.

The former NDDC boss was accused of having an affair with Brenda Usofi, he was also accused of having a child with Brenda.

The controversy had claimed that the DNA of the unnamed child matches that of Timi Alaigbe.
It was also alleged that Usifo Ataga had confronted him severally over his alleged affair with Brenda Usifo.

The popular Bayelsa State politician has debunked the rumor, he denied ever having an affair with Brenda Usifo.

Timi Alaigbe said that he is surprise that someone with blood in his veins will sit down to propagate such a rumor with the aim of tarnishing his image and that of the late Super TV CEO’s wife.

The former NDDC boss said that he has never met Brenda Usifo neither has he met her husband before. He also said that he has never had any business transaction with them at any level before.

He denied the rumor that Usifo Ataga physically confronted him, adding that Brenda Usifo does not have any child for him.
Timi Alaigbe said; “Up till this moment, I do not know the woman called Mrs. Brenda Ataga; not to talk of having any relationship with her.

I wonder why the husband to someone I have never met would confront me about his wife; or how a woman I do not even know would have a child for me! This is utter rubbish because I have never had any business with this woman or the late husband at whatever level.

Former NDDC Boss
Former NDDC Boss

That is the truth as God knows it”.
He concluded by advising the people behind the controversy to stop henceforth because it will do them no good.

Former NDDC boss finally speaks on having an affair with the wife of late Super TV CEO. Kindly leave your comment on the comments section below.

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