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Healing The Sick Does Not Guarantee You A Place In Heaven – Pastor Kumuyi

Healing The Sick Does Not Guarantee You A Place In Heaven – Pastor Kumuyi

Reports indicate that Pastor WF kumuyi, The General Superintendent of the deeper life Bible Church spoke to his ministers and members about spiritual

Healing The Sick
Healing The Sick

gifts in a recent bible study program.

He informs them of the need to acquire this gifts and also on how to use the acquired gifts. The man of God however informed them that using this gift without sanctification is not right.

He however sends a message to those who have the gifts of healing and are using it without holiness.

He informs them that healing the sick does not guarantee their place in heaven.

According to him, holiness is the major criteria that takes one to Heaven and any minister who wants to get there should not depend on his gifts alone but he needs to be holy.

He also claim that some ministers will express these gifts in the open but they are not at peace with their wives.

He however warned them against such and urged them to to embrace holiness and exhibit their healing gift. “Those who have the gift of healing without holiness will be disappointed on the final day”, he said.

Healing the sick does not guarantee you a place in Heaven. What do you have to say about this?

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