How Prophecy comes to past

If I prophesy to you by this time this and that will happen, if truly I am genuine and is by the spirit. That words move to the realm of the spirit and the spirit of wisdom which is the spirit of God which cause prophecy to come to the past. The spirit of wisdom makes this word to manifest in real life.

The spirit of wisdom will start searching the earth to look for a scenario to bring that words or prophecy down and connect it to the individual.

If the prophecy given to you is that by next week, you will be blessed. The spirit of wisdom will move to a rich man. If he does not abide, he will keep searching until it finds somebody who wants to sow.

This is how the spirit keep moving until it located Mary the mother of Jesus. The Bible never say the name of the woman will be Mary. The spirit start searching for a virgin.

When God says He wants to bless you, He already speaks to a million people in this realm to sow. Remember any prophetic words given to you by a genuine man of God or to obtain any of God prophecy, there are parts you most play.

If we take a closer look at Obadiah 1 :17, it says ;upon mount Zion, they shall be deliverance and holiness and the house of Jacob will possess their possession. What you are looking for, is already in Mount Zion. But before you possess them, the part you most play are:

(1) Go for Deliverance.
(2) live a holy life.

In the scripture, a prophet prophesy by this time tomorrow, there will be plenty of food in Israel. Four leopards were sitting quietly and the spirit of wisdom located them because the word of God most come to past.

The anointing came upon these leopards. They start saying they are tired without knowing they were under the control of the power of God. They decided to move to the Syrian camp. That move was also initiated in the spirit to bring the prophecy the man of God prophesy to come to the past. As they begin to go, God cause their footsteps to sound like thousands of chariots. When the enemy hear this footsteps, they filed.

The word of God contains over six thousands promises for you and me. Try to find out to see what part you most play to see that prophecy come to past.

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