The Riches Mentality

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The Riches Mentality

The mindset of Rich: Rich are not those who just want to acquire some selling skills, they are people with skills formulated through a passion to succeed in any area of profession they venture into. In a war or in a battle, the morale of a warrior is propelled more from the anticipation of victory, from the weapon he uses.

Virtues of Riches

  1. Riches concentrate: they’re people of focus that hate and avoid ever form of distraction. Their minds are usually fixed on the duty at hand. The only thing that moves them is purpose.

Below is the story of a man with total concentration on the cause for which he was in pursuit.

Once upon a time, there lived a young king whose kingdom was captured and taken into slavery. He wanted his kingdom back. Instead the older king opted to teach him a significant lesson about life and about rich. So he told him he would fill a spoon with water and put a plank across a pit and demand him to walk and cross the big pit without allowing a drop of water out the spoon. The young king accepted to go through the test. The older king employed two set of persons: group (A). The mockers and castigators; and group (B). Praise singers.

Both groups deed their job perfectly; but the young king concentrated on the spoon, ignoring the praise singers, the mocking group, and any other side distraction. And as such, he made it through the pit without any drop of water from the spoon. So the older king handed over his captured kingdom back to him. But before doing that, he inquired of him the secret that made him go through the test successfully. “Then the older king said, “so you didn’t hear all what those mockers were saying about you? “he replied, I didn’t know them”. What about those who were praising you. The older king asked. I didn’t also know or mind them. But I concentrated on the spoon having my kingdom (my purpose) in mind knowing the distraction. I knew not neither of them. So, I concentrated to be a rich which I am now.

  1. Riches are not complainers: they don’t complain or shift blame to anyone or on anything….. Rather they simply accept defeat when and where necessary and move on; but without giving up on trying something else until success is achieved.
  2. Riches create values: they don’t ask, what would I do…., their question is usually, what value can I create? In return, they would earn them fame and popularity and champions. They are wealthy people with good ideas that proffer solutions to problems.

There was a wealthy man who wanted to give his daughter to a brave man. And he said whether there’s any man that can swim across a river there were villagers standing by; and among them were men and women who can swim but they all lost their courage because of the crocodiles in the water. The wealthy man was counting down from a given number to zero; and he ended the game when he got to zero.

Then a man got pushed inside the water; and he had no choice but to apply his swimming skills. He had to swim and escape from the crocodiles. He swam to the other side of the river; and on reaching there the whole villagers that stood at the bank celebrated him. But the man said, I was not the man, I didn’t have the courage; instead the praise should go to the man who pushed me into the river

Therefore, there are people that have certain skills but lack the courage to create something of value that would be of benefit to them and others.

  1. Riches approach life and situations with the spirit of sportsmanship: they don’t bear grudges against those that won as at time they failed. They are humble, appreciative, and with a free mind accepting both their successes and defeats….. and they keep improving on their skills and acquiring more knowledge that will propel them to greater success.
  2. Riches are obedient: they always obey the rules given to them by their mentors. As such, they play by the rules. They avoid short cuts and all forms of compromise.
  3. Riches are not lazy: they are brave and hardworking. They adhere to instructions until they get the required results.

Henceforth, dare to be a rich; and be ready to explore new grounds no matter how rugged and rocky they might be. What’s on the surface shouldn’t prevent you from taking ownership of a goldmine where all the precious stones are buried; waiting to be discovered and transformed into different shapes of sparkling costly jewels.

Rejoice always

One of the keys to living a life beyond limits is to cultivate a joyous attitude. Being joyful is like a medicine to the body, spirit and soul. It keeps you on a high and stable level of emotional flow for an effective daily productivity.

Do not allow anyone to dull your happiness. Some people are fond of controlling and manipulating to make them look relevant or feel good about themselves

If you seek for happiness for its own sake, you will find it is evasive, but if you seek for a purpose, happiness will follow as shadows follow Sunshine

Friends, life is too short to go through it being controlled and manipulated by people who on their own cannot make good choices. Get this you are primarily responsible for your own happiness before anyone else’s; and in whatever you do, don’t let joy be out of the equation.

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