BREAKING: Governor Hope Uzodimma Escapes Impeachment

BREAKING: Governor Hope Uzodimma Escapes Impeachment

Information reaching Naija News House says that Governor Hope Uzodimma Escapes Impeachment

After Speaker Paul Emeziem failed in his foiled attempt to impeach his deputy with 18 ghost lawmakers in active collaboration with the enemies of the state government, the speaker’s whereabouts has been unknown as he goes into hiding fearing backlash from government house.

Recall that on Tuesday the speaker acting on a script handed over to him by Araraume who was alleged to have doled out hundreds of thousands of foreign currencies to execute the now FAILED mission to capture the leadership of the state house of Assembly to either pass a resolution declaring a state of emergency on the state or outrightly impeach the governor but in order to execute the impossible mission, the Governor’s eye in the house must be be the first casualty to pave the way for their evil mission hence the failed kindergarten attempts.

Uzodimma Escapes Impeachment

Uzodimma Escapes Impeachment

As naive, inexperienced and unwise the speaker was, he announced to the media, after he was rebuffed in the house plenary by the law makers loyal to the Governor and the Deputy Speaker, that he has gotten 18 (unknown) law makers signing a resolution to impeach his deputy and in the same breath accepting and okaying the said resolution without running a verification of his signatories.

How can you just come up to announce an impeachment with the names of ghost law makers?

Almost 24 hrs after the speaker’s FAILED mission, none of the said law maker have come to the media to say he or she appended their name to it as everyone is now fighting to rescue themselves from the FAILED mission.

Simply put, the speaker has been abandoned and deserted as he has gone into hiding.

His whereabout is also unknown as none of his aides or close allies have set their eyes on him since after the foiled mission.

Fearing the backlash from the unexecuted attempts at the seat of power, fearing for what will come, he has absconded to God knows where.

Uzodimma Escapes Impeachment

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