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Dokpesi Exposes Who Will Win Presidency In 2023

Dokpesi Exposes Who Will Win Presidency In 2023

Reports has it that a Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Raymond Dokpesi has said that the opposition can only regain power in 2023 if they field a Northerner.

Amid calls for power shift to the south, Dokpesi in an interview with Daily Independent said PDP members who are asking for the presidential ticket to be zoned to the South are only doing so because they want to copy the APC whose mem­bers are rooting for a zoning of the ticket to the South after the completion of President Muhammadu Buhari’s ten­ure in 2023.

Who Will Win Presidency

Asides claiming that there has been an imbalance of 11 years of Northern presidency in the PDP, the PDP Chieftain also alleged that former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was rigged out of 2019 election.

Who Will Win Presidency
Who Will Win Presidency

Dokpesi said;

“In the case of PDP, let us look at it honestly. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo from the South-West did eight years; Goodluck Jonathan from the South-South also did six years. That made a total of 14 years.

Who Will Win Presidency

“On the other hand, Uma­ru Yar’Adua from the North did three years, so there is an imbalance of 11 years. If in 2019, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar had not been rigged out of that election, he would have come back in 2023 to say that he wants to do a second term. And would anybody have stood on his way? No!

“So, for the PDP, the presi­dential candidate must come from the North in 2023. People should exercise patience be­cause it will still come back to the South”.

Who Will Win Presidency

Commenting on calls for an Igbo presidency, Dok­pesi averred that though he believes that it is fair that the South- East should produce the presi­dent as it is the only Southern zone not to have done so since 1999, the South-East cannot win if it gets the presidential ticket at this time.

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Imagine? Nigeria is now chop I chop. Very unfortunate

Who Will Win Presidency

Oskirin about 58 minutes ago
ds onigbese 4 staff salaries wan make biafrauds give an invisible slap. abi he no know say na dere rights? over to omalicha n co.

Anonymous about 34 minutes ago
The man is sick. Why not calculate the military head of states from the north that has ruled nigeria compared to South. Selling out your people for selfish personal gains. Sick man

Who Will Win Presidency

DoubleBrain L about 8 minutes ago
Old people with zero shame and honour. pathetic !! Once they collect money, there is nothing they can’t say. Atiku has started his money game.

A credible Yoruba candidate with another credible northerner as VP will humble Atiku. Atiku that openly said he will sell NNPC to his friends.

Who Will Win Presidency

Atiku in power will be another dictator. He will be much too much for those idiots will always have in the NASS to control. HE BELIEVES A LOT IN BRIBES. And the Nass is completely useless when they see a money spender in power. Let see how it plays out

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Simply cos of unity among them why other tribes fight themselves…

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Them don collect Atiku money begin yarn dust. The north does not really have the power most people think they do. DOn’t just have elections in the violent-prone towns. and IDP and almajiri should not vote.

Lanre onward about 2 hours ago
Buhari a northerner contested against Obasanjo 2003,2007 and against GEJ 2011 and failed untill he aligned with Southwest in 2014 before he could win . He had overwhelming votes from the north yet he failed to get the presidency. So what is this long throat thief is talking about . Awon oloriburku somebody

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 5 minutes ago
President Buhari won twice but was rigged out. Read read lazy youth.

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
It is not your fault that you are spitting nonsense from your mouth instead of eating beans in the prison for various corrupt practices you partook under Jonathan Regime.. the fault is in the judicial system.

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Dead woods springing out their balded heads again. 2023 has started. They are strolling out now like snails.

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Keep dreaming

Seyiola about 2 hours ago
Pay my one year salary Oga boss!!

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Them don send this one message. 2023.

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
That’s what they are after..,.power without vision….old fools.

Anonymous about 2 hours ago
Atiku’s ass kisser. That’s is PDP for you, they are only bordered about individual gains, go on ahead and collect his money again. One thing I’m sure of is that APC will field a northerner too and wont relinquish power to you people even if they lose the elections. Same old shit

Ritualist about 2 hours ago
A fat Tif

HEART (DAVIDO NEXT SIGNING) about 2 hours ago
Politically he is right

Who Will Win Presidency

Lanre onward about 1 hour ago
I am not surprised you have been dressing like a notherner since i know you .

Abdullahi Mohammed about 1 hour ago
You unrepentant thief you are positioning yourself for another 4 Years of Stealing you no go die beta wetin na only you dem create this world for the fact that the Court gave you victory does not make you an honest man you and your gang of thieves will not sucssed this time around

Who Will Win Presidency

amechi bright about 1 hour ago
But to be sincere and just, this man just said the unbiased truth. Any one who knows the trends of power in Nigeria will know that the PDP cannot win the presidential position as it stands now, if it’s not a nothern candidate.

Orelse the APC produces a northern candidate (which will devide the party), then Tinubu has no other wish than decamping and taking along his followers (which is majority of the southern western states). By all indications and calculations Atiku has 60% of winning next election. 🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 1 minute ago
Atiku will die before that time. We need a true leader not PDP or APC. it’s not about party it is about governance.

Olu about 1 hour ago
We all know that you be long throat,elderly fool!

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 1 hour ago
When you see those egunje people no their age thay talk rubbish.

Bree about 52 minutes ago
Your right

Alex Isichei about 48 minutes ago
That’s why you people won’t get anywhere. After the debacle we are experiencing under a northern rulership? Senile clowns. The earlier young Nigerian realize that these old timers have nothing good for us the better. All they have is their selfish,narrow minded whims.

Who Will Win Presidency

Assured is about 46 minutes ago
Self determination or nothing

NINJA WARRIOR about 38 minutes ago
I hate this man éh

Paul S about 34 minutes ago
Fulanis’ slave! after 8 years another northerner should come onboard, so no southerner in PDP that can deliver? This man upon all the money you have you still allow Atiku to brainwash you! Its unfortunate

Who Will Win Presidency

Anonymous about 31 minutes ago
Wisdom is not a function of age afterall. Look at what a supposedly elderly man is saying. SMH

Anonymous about 19 minutes ago
These are the type of people that will fight tooth and nail to keep Nigeria one because they’re benefiting immensely from the current system. Northerner indeed!

Who Will Win Presidency

Mark Offor about 3 minutes ago
Unrepentant old thief ….honestly these people’s consciences have been seared with a hot iron! Wicked and mumu old men! He has collected bribe and he is doing his paymasters bidding! Mumu and useless people everywhere in Nigeria!

Dokpesi exposes who will win presidency in 2023. kindly leave your comment on the comments section below.

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