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Nigerian Cleric Organise Crusades With ‘Gang Of Fake Pastors’ To Target Married Women For Sxxx, Rituals

Nigerian Cleric Organise Crusades With ‘Gang Of Fake Pastors’ To Target Married Women For Sxxx, Rituals

Dr Ndudi Onyisi has raised the alarm over the alleged abominable activities and the desecration of Asaba land by the founder of Testimony Champions City Church, Asaba, Prophet Israel Angel Ogaga.

Describing the cleric as fake, Onyisi called on the Asagba of Asaba and well-meaning indigenes to rise to the occasion and stop Ogaga and his “gang of fake pastors’ from organising crusades with the intent to sleep with married women, extort money from them and destroy their homes.

Onyisi in a statement made available to SaharaReporters, alleged that Ogaga and his gang ruined young families in Asaba, insisting that he must be stopped now before it is too late.

According to him, Ogaga organises crusades and gets their clique of pastors to sleep with married women, which he said could only be for ritual purposes.

Quoting some of the women who spoke to him, during his investigation, Onyisi accused Ogaga of always issuing frightening prophecies to scare his female victims in order to put them under his control.

“These acts have destroyed several homes in Asaba and serious desecration of the Asaba land as the women are being abused by the set of end-time pastors longing solely for money and sxxx.

“When husbands of victims speak out, they are arrested and locked up using their regular contact and colleagues in the dastardly act at the legal division of the State Police Criminal Investigation Department in Asaba.

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“It doesn’t end there as such husbands are extorted seriously by the pastors with the aid of two police officers at the state CID in Asaba. The collaborating police officers are Superintendent of Police Francis Ituuah and his subordinate Inspector Rachael Obi.”

Onyisi quoted a woman who confessed out of fear that during the last crusade of the church held in Asaba, Prophet Ogaga’s mentor identified as Prophet Amslem offered her N300,000 to sleep with her on the altar but she refused.

“Under African tradition, this is a serious taboo capable of affecting the children’s progress or death and death of a husband.

“Few months after the confession, her husband died,” Onyisi said, adding that it “could also be done to gain access to the woman”.

“When the owl cries at night and a child dies the next morning, it is indicative of something,” he said.

Continuing, Onyisi said the moment someone steps inside the church, their identity is revealed to the cleric by his people.

He said, “The fake prophet will say, ‘If you did not come here today, you would have died by motor accident. See me in private.’ From that point, you and your family are finished.

Fake Pastors

“His prophecy is only about death. Your son would have used you for a ritual if you did not come here today. You must raise N150,000 or N200,000 and undergo an assignment to be set free or your husband wants to use you for a ritual. Everything about him is doom.”

In an audio file, Mrs Poko Chosen Agboro, one of the cleric’s alleged victims of sexual harassment, said, “He (Ogaga) is the one that co-ordinates his fake pastor colleagues from various cities to attend crusade at Asaba where they target married women only for ritual.”

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But she refused to provide the phone number of Bishop Anslem whom she accused of offering her N300,000 to sleep with her on the altar, saying that “they are dangerous”.

“Make them come carry me for the night away to Abuja (Do you want them to forcibly take me to Abuja in the night)?” she asked.

Agboro alleged that “a few months after her confession, they killed her husband.”

Prophet Ogaga denied all the allegations, noting that people would always castigate men of God doing the right things in order to smear their person.

He said, “I don’t do anything like that, everybody has freedom of speech. Anybody can forge anything even the way you are now. I can decide to arrest you even when you have not done anything to me. But like I said, I don’t do anything like that but if the person feels he or she has the evidence then let the person do what he or she is doing.

“In everything in life apart from God then the next thing is the law. When anybody is injured let him get his facts. That is what I tell people. If I am doing anything in life because I am a very pure person. One, I don’t need to tell if I am here or not, it is a law and God judges everything; so when anybody gives or sends a message, let the person gather all the evidence.”

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