I’m Your Son, The Child Of Your Secondary School Lover – Man Calls Out Femi Otedola

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I’m Your Son, The Child Of Your Secondary School Lover – Man Calls Out Femi Otedola

A Man named Ugwu Kenneth sent shockwaves through the online world when he fearlessly asserted that Femi Otedola is, in fact, his paternal figure.
He boldly claimed to be the son of Mr. Otedola’s high school sweetheart, sending ripples of disbelief and intrigue throughout the internet.

This audacious revelation from Kenneth emerged shortly after Femi Otedola publicly celebrated the remarkable accomplishments of his daughters, DJ Cuppy and Temi Otedola.
The towering titan of business fortunes, Femi Otedola, ignited a digital firestorm with his lightning-fast comeback to Ugwu Kenneth, a Nigerian artist, who boldly proclaimed him as his dad.

The Nigerian billionaire recently graced his Instagram page with celebratory vibes, lauding the recent triumphs of his daughters.

His daughters, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, the dazzling Nigerian DJ and producer, renowned by her stage name DJ Cuppy @cuppymusic, along with Temiloluwa Elizabeth Otedola, affectionately addressed as Temi Otedola @TemiOtedola, top the chart for most influential female handles on X (formerly known as Twitter) for the month of August 2023, according to stats by StatiSense.

The 30-year-old Nigerian DJ reigns supreme, perched at the coveted first spot with a staggering 6 million loyal followers on her official Twitter handle @cuppymusic. Meanwhile, TemiOtedola, a multifaceted Nigerian actress and blogger boasting a commendable 3.5 million followers, secures her place as the formidable fourth in the ranking of Nigeria’s biggest female influencers.

In celebrating his daughters’ recent triumphs, Femi Otedola proudly proclaimed that the a “fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”, meaning his kids inherit characteristics and traits from him, applauded them with a hearty “Bravo!”

Femi Otedola wrote;

“The fruit does not fall far from the tree Bravo @Cuppymusic @temiotedola … F.Ote $”

In reaction to his Instagram post, a Nigerian artist, Ugwu Kenneth, boldly ventured into the comments section and fearlessly proclaimed himself as Femi Otedola’s child, son of his high school romantic partner. He implored Femi to recognize their bond and passionately conveyed the profound impact of adversity that has deeply affected him.

Ugwu Kenneth wrote;

“Daddy I be your pikini that your girlfriend for secondary school that year na born me o00.. Abeg come take me back suffer wan kill me here”

Femi Otedola’s response was swift and to the point. He expressed shock, firmly asserted that he didn’t have a girlfriend during his secondary school days. He emphasized that he was fully devoted to his studies, leaving no room for distractions.

His response;

“me ke? I no get girlfriend for secondary school oh. Na book I dey read”

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