Why I Removed My Ex-lover’s Intestines — Football Coach Confesses Shocking

Football Coach
Football Coach
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Why I Removed My Ex-lover’s Intestines — Football Coach Confesses Shocking

The 47-year-old football coach, Bankole Oginni, arrested in Akure, Ondo State capital, for killing his ex-lover, has narrated how he killed the woman after inviting her to his home.

Oginni, while speaking with journalists during his parade at the Police Headquarters in Akure, explained that the deceased barely entered his house when she slumped, a few minutes after offering her soft drinks.

According to him, he was scared when the woman slumped and decided to pour hot water on her body to resuscitate her, but when it dawned on him that the young woman had died, he decided to dismember her body to cover his tracks and said, I was afraid of the police and wanted to cover up.”

He stated that “The deceased visited my place on Saturday after calling me the previous day to say that she needed my help. She was my ex-lover, and I have been rendering assistance to her whenever she asked for it.

I told her to meet me at my parent’s house, and she was about to take the soft drinks I offered her when she slumped, and I was so scared. I did not know what to do, and that made me take some hard decisions.

“I poured the hot water on her with the hope that she would wake up. When it dawned on me that she is not going to wake again, I decided to cut her up, put her in a sack, and dispose of her somewhere later.

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“I cut her intestines so that I could put them inside bags. It was because I was very scared, I was perplexed, and I was afraid of the police. I did not do it for any purpose. Nobody sent me to remove her private parts. I did it to cover myself.”

The State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) said Police arrested the 47-year-old football coach, Oginni for killing his ex-lover with hot water

Football Coach
Football Coach

Odunlami said, “On August 6, a young lady reported at ‘B’ Division Akure, that Bankole Oginni Oluwole, a male, 47 years old, invited her sister Bosede Adejoro, 45 years old, to visit him at Danjuma Street Akure in his father’s house via a phone call.

“She did not return home on the said day, and her phone was switched off, and all efforts to contact her proved abortive.

“So, the next day, the daughter, in the company of the deceased sister and the brother-in-law, traced the house of the suspect to Danjuma, Oke Aro, and on getting there, she found the lifeless body of her mother in his room, with her legs tied.

The body also showed patches showing that hot water had been poured on her body and that her stomach had been cut open with her intestines removed from it.

“During the investigation, the suspect claimed the woman slumped immediately she got to the house, and he was scared and decided to pour hot water on her and tie her leg to enable him to dispose of her body after removing her intestine”.

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