JUST IN: Watch: Groom Slumps As Bride Dies During Bridal Shower A Day To Wedding

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JUST IN: Watch: Groom Slumps As Bride Dies During Bridal Shower A Day To Wedding

Rebecca Oyedotun, a 28-year-old Nigerian woman, passed away after collapsing on the eve of her scheduled wedding day.

The tragic incident unfolded in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, where she was to marry Abiodun Oluwadamilare on August 19, 2023. Rebecca, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology (FUT) in Minna, experienced the unfortunate collapse during her bridal shower on August 18, 2023, around 10:30pm.

She was swiftly transported to the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso, where efforts were made to revive her. Despite these efforts, her condition deteriorated, leading to her passing in the early hours of Sunday, August 20.

Groom Slumps

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a sister-in-law of the deceased disclosed that all arrangements had been meticulously made for the wedding.

Preparations, including the slaughter of cows and the festive atmosphere, were in full swing as friends, family, and the groom’s party gathered to celebrate. Sadly, the parents of the groom had even slaughtered a cow in Ogbomoso, unaware of the impending tragedy, as Abiodun was their sole child.

“We had bought ewedu to be used, ingredients had been ground, and in the morning of Saturday, amala (yam flour paste) was made, rice was ready, the venues were set, but the ceremony was never held as the bride was never available,” the sister-in-law added.

Father of the deceased, Evangelist Oyedotun of C&S Reformed Church, Isale-High School area, explained how it happened.

“Everything was going on perfectly until about 10:30p.m. Friday when she with her friends were having the bridal shower ceremony and she reportedly slumped,” the grieving father said.

“We quickly took her to LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso. After some time she was revived and she appeared stable and by dawn of Saturday, a nurse told us quoting a doctor that she would be briefly discharged to attend the ceremony to sign the marriage documents and be returned to continue the treatment,” Oyedotun narrated.

“But then her condition deteriorated again and so she was confined to the bed. We even were required to take her to Bowen University Teaching Hospital for some tests which we promptly did. Her husband who on learning fainted and was later anxiously crying, ‘Let me take her away.’ We were in the hospital throughout that Saturday.”

Her condition did not improve until she gave up the host Sunday morning. It was learnt many guests who didn’t get wind of the development, were in the church for the wedding only to meet the church empty.

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