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The Sick Cannot Treat The Sick – Group Warns Tinubu Over Niger Republic

Niger Republic
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The Sick Cannot Treat The Sick – Group Warns Tinubu Over Niger Republic

The Coalition of United Political Parties on Saturday warned the President Bola Tinubu-led Nigerian government against the planned military intervention in Niger Republic to reinstate the ousted civilian President, Mohammed Bazoum, saying “the sick cannot treat the sick.”

While describing the planned intervention as costly and unnecessary, the CUPP said it is neither a war that Nigeria can afford nor win, especially in the face of the overwhelming popularity of the coup among the generality of Nigeriens.

The co-National Spokesperson of CUPP, Mark Adebayo, expressed these reservations in a statement in Abuja.

He said, “It has come to our notice the preparations by Nigeria and some other West African countries for a military intervention in Niger Republic ostensibly to reinstate the overthrown civilian government in the country. First, Nigeria, in its current socioeconomic state cannot afford such a costly intervention. The Nigerian military have been overstretched over the years battling terrorism and all manners of insurgency that are still very active and draining the country’s resources to the tune of billions of Naira weekly.

“It is not only unnecessary but absolutely thoughtless for Nigeria to contemplate intervening militarily in the internal affairs of another country when the security situation in our own country remains a serious challenge to our military and other security agencies with an economy that is currently sick.

“It is neither a war that Nigeria can afford nor win especially in the face of the overwhelming popularity of the coup among the generality of Nigeriens. Any military intervention without the support of the people of Niger is dead on arrival and it is glaring that the coup that toppled President Mohammed Bazoum was a widely popular one.

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“Therefore, Nigeria cannot afford to waste its dwindling resources and the precious Iives of our soldiers fighting an unnecessary war that it can ill-afford. The sick cannot treat the sick. Nigeria should rather concentrate on healing itself instead of looking for trouble in another country

“We support any diplomatic efforts by the West African subregion to resolve the Nigerien impasse. But a military intervention is taking the matter too far and we daresay it would fail catastrophically. Whatever resources are being put together to fight in another man’s country should be put to better use for Nigeria and alleviate the suffering of the people under this unfriendly economy rather than be frittered away in a war that doesn’t really concern us when we have our own wars internally that we haven’t overcome.

“Nigeria and other West African countries desirous of reinstating democracy in Niger Republic should rather deploy their diplomatic assets with possible collaboration of the international community to amicably resolve the situation in Niger Republic without military action and without a single drop of blood

“President Bola Tinubu should avoid plunging Nigeria’s fragile economy into more depression by intervening militarily in another country. Even if diplomatic channels have been exhausted, Nigeriens should be allowed to run their country as they deem fit even though we support the survival of democracy based on good governance in Africa. You can’t force a people against their own will to do what they don’t consider its in their best interests. Nigeria should leave Niger alone to determine its own present and future. Whatever interventions are being contemplated should remain within the purview of diplomacy – no more, no less.”

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