I Wasted My Money, Can’t Sleep – Hilda Baci’s Student In Tears

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I Wasted My Money, Can’t Sleep – Hilda Baci’s Student In Tears

A Nigerian lady finds herself engulfed in tears following the dismissal of her assignment by Hilda Baci’s team.

Detailing her saga, the lady insists she went all in, pouring sweat and resources into the project, only to be handed a cold dish of rejection.

The online domain has exploded with an overwhelming response to the video, as numerous individuals have taken to critiquing the lady for publicly expressing her emotions online.

Uchendu Chizuruoke, a student under the tutelage of Hilda Baci, fervently seeks fairness, demanding a rightful slice of justice, after her group assignment video was not selected for recognition by the award-winning chef.

The illustrious Guinness World Record holder, Hilda Baci, had made a commitment to give a significant cash prize of N5 million to her most outstanding student.This fortunate individual is among the few thousand people who joined her cooking class.

Following the unfortunate rejection of her project, Uchendu fervently underlined the notion that every student merits an equitable shot at claiming the coveted prize.

The lady said she realized that checking a large number of entries could be too much for just one person, so she reached out for help in getting in touch with Chef Hilda to sort out the problem.

Uchendu was confused about why her video didn’t make the cut and asked for a fresh review of the winning videos from group 2.

She made it clear that her main intention was to make sure things were fair and not to show any disrespect to the famous chef.

Uchendu went ahead and shared the very video she had submitted to the team of Hilda Baci.

This is coming few weeks after a lady expressed her shock after finding out that Chef Hilda Baci allegedly made over N70 million from her cooking class.

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