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How Davido Will Die – Prophet Predicts

How Davido Will Die – Prophet Predicts

According to report by “Mpashogram” it seems like all is not well for Nigeria’s Davido. Many know Davido to be a strong “Afro” songs artist and he has been in the entertainment industry for so long. Now, recently, a prophet decided to speak out what God had told him concerning Davido.

The prophet said that he had foreseen Davido’s death. He even tried to pray over it but God said no. He said that Davido will be poisoned by a close member.

He revealed that the person to kill Davido leaves in his mansion. He will put poison inside Davido’s drink. The artist will become unconscious due to poisoning and will hospitalized. That is how he will eventually die.

How Davido Will Die
How Davido Will Die

Apparently, I cannot judge the man of God. Davido met the post. He took his time and calmed fans on twitter. He told them to stay calm since nothing like that is going to happen. Davido revealed that God is always protecting him.

How Davido will die. Do you have anything to say about this?

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