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Why Nigerians Must Abstain From The June 12th ‘Buhari Must Go’ Protest

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Why Nigerians Must Abstain From The June 12th ‘Buhari Must Go’ Protest

Information has it that multiple civil right and other activist groups especially Omoyele Sowore’s RevolutionNow group are calling for nationwide protests to commemorate Democracy Day June 12.

According to Sahara Reports and other reliable sources, Protesters will demand the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari and the reversal of government ban on Twitter.

As a patriotic Nigerian, I’m strongly against the protest on June 12th and the destruction it might cause to our economy, infrastructure and even innocent citizens.

June 12th

In my opinion, I strongly advice the organizers should use that energy and resources to begin to plan towards the 2023 general election.

Why do the organizers want to waste their time over something that is not realizable, or are the organizers simply trying to keep the heat on the man, to ensure he doesn’t think of extending his Constitutionally allowed term by a single day?

Buhari can not go before 29th May, 2023– He will not resign and he won’t be impeached. Instead, continued protests with violent agitations amidst palpable insecurities will provide a constitutional ground for his tenure elongation or continued stay in office beyond 2023.

June 12th

June 12th
June 12th

As the highlights, No election can be held in an environment of copious turmoil.

The danger with embarking on a protest you are sure to lose, is that you end up exposing your weaknesses to your enemies and potentially become a laughing stock to him.

If you do not have any practical chance of winning a battle of violence then you must engage in intellectual wars like the Dalai Lama of Tibet and others like him across the world. You are an enemy of the people, if you continue to expose able-bodied youths to avoidable massacres and destruction of our businesses, in order to boost your supposed ’comrade spirit’

Moreover, You cannot rule out the possibility of some of the unknown Gunmen, bandits and terrorist groups terrorizing Nigeria from hijacking or infiltrating the protest, thereby, putting Sowore and other organizers in very precarious legal position.

These and more are some of the reasons, I insist that this protest should be suspended for the time being and if not suspended, must be boycotted.

My sincere prayer is that it doesn’t get too late before we realize ourselves.

Why Nigerians must abstain from the June 12th ‘Buhari Must Go’ protest. What are your thoughts?

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