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EXCLUSIVE: Labour Party Chairman Secretly Working With APC

EXCLUSIVE: Labour Party Chairman Secretly Working With APC

Basambo Abubakar, the governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Kwara State has accused the chairman of the party in the state of secretly working with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Basambo made the allegation while answering questions bordering on his suspension from the party a few days before the poll.

It was reported how Basambo Abubakar, the governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Kwara and five other members were suspended for alleged anti-party activities.

The governorship candidate on Monday announced that the Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party had joined forces to challenge the ruling APC in Saturday’s governorship and State Assembly elections.

The development was said to have given the impression that Basambo Abubakar had collapsed his structures in support of the PDP governorship candidate, Yahman Shuaib Abdullahi.

However, the suspended candidate and his alleged accomplices were sanctioned on Tuesday for alleged anti-party activities and disseminating misleading information to voters.

The Labour Party chairman in Kwara state, Kehinde Rotimi, while speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Tuesday said the party had not partnered with any other political party, noting that the suspended Labour Party governorship candidate broke party rules.

Reacting to this, Basambo accused the party’s chairman of working to ensure the reelection of the state incumbent governor who is the APC candidate, saying it contradicts the interest of the Labour Party.

He said, “He is working secretly, in collaboration with the APC. He wanted us and me particularly to join the APC, and I told them that a party which my principal, his excellence Peter Obi took to court at the federal level, is the same party now that I will combine with at our state level.”

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“I said I cannot do that. We can’t not match up with that. I felt combining with PDP will give us the desired state that we want. Because in PDP, they offer us what I call a unity government. It means our party will have a say in their government. Why do we agree to that, they had the highest votes in the presidential election. We know that if we go to the field, we may likely not win this election,” he added.

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