VIDEO: ‘I Used Wa!st B€ad To Steal Men’s Destiny’, Lady Confesses

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VIDEO: ‘I Used Wa!st B€ad To Steal Men’s Destiny’, Lady Confesses

In an interview, backing the camera in a video circulating the media, she claimed that she and her friend were into h00kup business. She continued that she wasn’t getting as many customers as her friend, which raised her concern because she considers herself more attractive than her supposed friend.

When she eventually opened up to her friend, the mysterious lady said she introduced her to Kayamata and took her to her ‘Kayamata woman’.

She revealed that the woman gave her oil and face powder to use. The unidentified lady claimed that men’s attention to her increased at an alarming rate and that she had to start declining some men.

She continued that two weeks after she used the things the kayamata woman gave her when she looked into the mirror, she didn’t see herself but what she describes as ‘something different’. She added that she was vomiting blood alongside this new development.

Out of worry, she opened up to her friend, who asked her if she gave the ‘kayamata woman’ her share. The anonymous lady said she wasn’t informed about it and immediately sent 10% of the money made to the woman.

Thinking her problem was already solved, she was shocked when her issues persisted. She revealed that on return to the ‘kayamata woman’, she was informed that her destiny has been used by one of her male clients.

Out of horror, she requested a way out and she was told she would need jazz. The ‘kayamata woman’ gave her a waist and told her the destiny and wealth of any man that she sleeps with will be gone.

She confessed that the destiny and wealth of the men she slept with after were gone. She admitted, “Even the ones that use jazz too, once I meet them, the bead will turn black. So, I don’t sleep with them, I run away”.

Since the bleeding and vomiting of blood didn’t stop, she went back to the woman with her friend as they had the same problem. They were both instructed to sleep at the graveyard so the problems could be solved.

She admitted that the thought of sleeping at a graveyard is frightening and unimaginable. She beckoned to Nigerians to help her get a stronger and more competent kayamata woman. She revealed that going to a church or prayer place is unimaginable as she doesn’t know how she wants to face the pastor.

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