Mistake 98% of Bloggers Do, Full Details

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Mistake 98% of Bloggers Do, Full Details.

Out of 100 bloggers 98 always do this mistake, many bloggers are into this error

Bloggers are always make their title, copy boring and lazy. But they don’t know that it indirectly lose their traffic. Now let me tell you, how you make your headline ( Title) catchy and getting more traffic and visitors

Use synonymous instead of using simple words is very important, because you can easily get more traffic. Like if you use simple instead of cheap, it will attract more attention and visitors

If you Use odd numbers, You can’t imagine how much it will help you to get more visitors and traffic. For the example, if you have a product of 100$ so make low the price to 97$ and it will attract the attention of users.

As blogger you need to always Ask question and try to add emotion in every questions you ask, also Try to add a question in the headline ( Title), Example, if you write about ” ( How to get more Traffic) ” so ask a question like ( Not getting more traffic)?”

Now if you check the headline ( Title) of this story, you can see that I add emotion to attract attention

Let me tell you some ideas.

Is this the world’s first {Good, Bad or
Desirable Thing}?

How I found out that {unexpected thing} is the best medicine { Topic}

don’t regret {X}. But here’s what I’d do

How To _____, Even if You’re Not _____

How to [Do Something] in 5 Minutes


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