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VIDEO: Niger Republic Protesters Abuses, Mocks Tinubu, Call Him ‘Ebola’, Illegimate President

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VIDEO: Niger Republic Protesters Abuses, Mocks Tinubu, Call Him ‘Ebola’, Illegimate President

The people of Niger Republic supporting the military takeover of power in the country have protested against Nigerian President Bola Tinubu’s interference in their country’s affairs, hurling abuses at him and calling him “Ebola Tinubu”, “precambrian fossil” and “illegitimate President of Nigeria.”

Reacting to the viral video of the protest, a Twitter user, @MissPearls said, “That video of Nigeriens cursing out Ebola Tinubu goes to show how much they detest illegitimacy. The whole of Africa doesn’t like him. The whole world knows he rigged himself into power. Nigerians and Nigeriens have rejected him. Our judiciary should do the right thing. Disqualify this illegal entity now!”

Another Twitter user, @Mindset_Post wrote, “The Nigerian Judiciary should cure the country of this new disease called “EBOLA Tinubu” that was manufactured by INEC on the 25th of February 2023. Before it destroys Africa and the entire world.”

Also, @sakirugenuine simply said, “Good for him,” while @omobolaji1989 said, “Jagabandit have you see your lie outside.”

After military officers carried out a coup and kicked the Niger President, Mohamed Bazoum, out of power on July 26, President Tinubu as the current Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), condemned the coup and stressed that the coup was unacceptable.

Tinubu-led ECOWAS went further to threaten military intervention in Niger Republic and imposed stiff sanctions while Nigeria in particular, has reportedly withdrawn electricity supply to the country.

The ECOWAS also issued a seven-day ultimatum to the military juntas, demanding a transfer of power back to the democratically elected government of Mohamed Bazoum

Also, Tinubu invited all Chiefs of Defence Staff from ECOWAS member states for an emergency meeting in Abuja to strategise on implementing the proposed military intervention in Niger Republic.

The West African defence chiefs were set to wrap up discussions about possible intervention in Niger on Friday, as mediators from the regional bloc push coup leaders in Niamey to restore constitutional order before an approaching deadline.

But with the backing of Guinea, Mali and other military-control African countries, the Niger’s coup leaders have remained undeterred with the ECOWAS threats.

The coup leaders have announced that they would end the mandates of ambassadors to four countries, saying that “The functions of the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of the Republic of Niger” to France, Nigeria, Togo and the United States “are terminated”.

The newly installed junta said it would respond immediately to any “aggression or attempted aggression” against it by West African countries, three days before the expiry of an ultimatum to restore order given by regional bloc ECOWAS.

“Any aggression or attempted aggression against the State of Niger will see an immediate and unannounced response from the Niger Defence and Security Forces on one of (the bloc’s) members, with the exception of suspended friendly countries,” declared one of the putschists in a statement, alluding to neighbouring Burkina Faso and Mali.

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