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Panic As Passengers Travelling To Warri From Lagos Find Themselves In Ibadan

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Panic As Passengers Travelling To Warri From Lagos Find Themselves In Ibadan

Some bus passengers have revealed how they found themselves in Ibadan after departing from Ojota garage in Lagos State for Warri, Delta State. The bus passengers also disclosed some of the unusual occurrences which occurred during their journey before they eventually realised that they had been driven to a place different from their desired destination.

Passengers Travelling To Warri
Passengers Travelling To Warri

The crime of kidnapping is a significant challenge facing security in some parts of the country. So far, some Nigerians have been abducted and millions of Naira have were paid for their release. In other cases, the family and loved ones of the abducted victims never heard from them again.

Passengers Travelling To Warri

This may have been the situation of some passengers who claim that they boarded a bus from the Ojota park with the agreement of arriving in Warri. It was gathered from an interview that most of the passengers in the bus slept off during their journey, two passengers however remained awake.

Despite being awake, however, a passenger who was also on the bus claims he does not know how the bus departed from their journey to Warri and ended up in Ibadan. The passenger further alleged that the bus driver attempted to pick up a stranger in Ibadan to the dismay of every passenger.

Passengers Travelling To Warri

It was learnt that all the passengers in the bus protested and rejected the driver’s attempt to carry the stranger from the roadside.

The passenger who claims he was awake throughout the ordeal also alleged that the driver had attempted to make a U-turn immediately after he was confronted over the development.

The passengers however claim that they encountered a police officer who tried to intervene in the matter and allow the driver to escape, but they (the passengers) insisted that they had not invited the police officer into the matter. The passengers, therefore, proceeded to invite Amotekun Security Corps instead.

Passengers Travelling To Warri

A female passenger who also testified to the incident claims that the driver paced a strange cloth on the floor in the bus. She pointed out that the cloth may have been instrumental in making the bus passengers sleep off.

The bus driver was interviewed in the video. The bus driver claims he drove to Ibadan to pay N15,000 as the remaining payment for a tyre he bought for 20,000. He admitted that he did not inform his passengers of his intention to drive to Ibadan.

Panic as passengers travelling to Warri from Lagos find themselves in Ibadan. kindly leave your comment on the comments section below.

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