PDP Cautious Tinubu, Says Niger Coup Is ‘Champions League Final’ Between Russia, NATO

PDP Cautious Tinubu
PDP Cautious Tinubu
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PDP Cautious Tinubu, Says Niger Coup Is ‘Champions League Final’ Between Russia, NATO

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign organisation has warned the President Bola Tinubu-led Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) against military intervention in Niger Republic.

Daniel Bwala, the PDP campaign spokesman, issued the warning on Saturday while outlining a series of possible consequences of ECOWAS military intervention in Niger against the military juntas who had taken over power in the country.

According to the PDP chieftain, the fight is not Niger Republic’s fight but a “Champions League Final” between Russia and the United States-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), saying that if Nigeria and ECOWAS hit Niger with military intervention, all the African countries who are sympathetic to Russia would sabotage the fight.

He also argued that Nigeria and ECOWAS’s western allies might not give the level of support being imagined and would rather stay aloof from the crisis.

Bwala said, “That fight is not Niger’s fight, it is a champions league finals between Russia and NATO. Let’s not put our dog in the fight.

“If we strike, all West African and non West African states sympathetic to the Kremlin would sabotage the fight.

“Our own Northern states bordering Niger might be angered by the move and who knows what that would mean.

PDP Cautious Tinubu
PDP Cautious Tinubu

“The Terrorists and militants troubling us might find support and supplies by renegade countries to buffet us within our territory.

“Our already exhausted security forces might be de-moralized amidst this extreme hunger and poor economic standards in Nigeria impacting their families behind.

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“Russia might decide to pay attention to the crisis in Nigeria and instigate the ranks of our own military.

“Wagner group would be enriched and boy, they may have unimaginable weapons, including the ones prohibited by UN convention

“Our west African Neigbour’s would be enraged and you don’t wanna upset your Neighbors; it has consequences

“More hardship, poverty and instability would be experienced in Nigeria because the Chair of ECOWAS might be compelled to use our resources to fund the war and the community; possibly using our fuel subsidy savings

“Our western Allies might not give us the support we are imagining and would rather that the crisis lingers.”

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