Popular Nigerian Lawmaker Escapes Death As Angry Constituents Chase Him Out Of Community Over ‘Poor Performance’

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Popular Nigerian Lawmaker Escapes Death As Angry Constituents Chase Him Out Of Community Over ‘Poor Performance’

Information reaching Naija News House says that Popular Nigerian Lawmaker Escapes Death As Angry Constituents Chase Out Of Community Over ‘Poor Performance’

The lawmaker representing Owo constituency 1 and the Majority Leader of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Oluwo Ogunmolasuyi, was on Tuesday attacked by his constituents.

Ogunmolasuyi was attacked and chased away from his home town, Iloro community, Owo Local Government Area during a consultation tour for his second term ambition.

Trouble started after angry youths booed him, saying “it won’t be well with you, we don’t want to see you here again; all of you are thieves.”

They accused the lawmaker of poor representation and abandoning his constituents and that he recently started showing up because of the 2023 elections.

They were said to have also stoned his convoy out of the town.

The lawmaker however escaped unhurt because of his security guards.

Reacting, the lawmaker said he wasn’t attacked by his constituents but the thugs mobilised by an influential personality to discredit his long built credibility.

According to him, he has been actively involved in the issue of his constituency since he emerged in 2019 and has delivered to his best ability.

Poor Performance

“We will like to clarify that it is nothing but fake news and lies from the pit of hell concocted by political miscreants to dampen my campaign movement. For more than one month, I have been in my constituency, making consultations and attending to issues concerning the people. Even before then, my constituency members and conscious people know of my activeness in responding to duty from my constituency,” he said.

“However, what happened was due to an acclaimed, influential personality making erratic demands for his selfish gain, which I was still making consultation over. I decided to visit Iloro, which happened to be my own place to make consultations with excos and prominent people.

“To my disappointment, the acclaimed, influential personality had mobilized thugs to attack our campaign team and me in order to discredit our long built credibility.

“Despite the attack and threat over my life, the security operatives under my instructions ensured no one was harmed because I know well that they are part of the people I am representing at the ODHA.

“Furthermore, I will also like to elaborate that the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu Aketi, has not imposed me over the people. For those who seek clarity, check the result of my first term election. If I enjoy a good relationship with the Governor, it is because of my ability to offer intellectual solutions to critical issues concerning the state. Where we are today is a result of God’s grace, the people, and support from important personalities who trusted me with the ability to represent properly.

“Since I emerged, I have been actively involved in the issue of my constituency. Without trying to glorify myself, I have delivered to my best ability.”

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