Tinubu’s Government Sends Strong Warning To Nigerians Over Posting On Social Media

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Tinubu’s Government Sends Strong Warning To Nigerians Over Posting On Social Media

The Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr Bosun Tijani, has cautioned Nigerians against posting indiscriminately on social media platforms.

Tijani who spoke at the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) workshop on data privacy organised for the Data Protection Officers (DPOs) on Thursday in Abuja, warned that indiscriminate posting on social media exposes data to fraudsters.

Insisting that data protection is not just a matter of convenience but a fundamental human rights, the minister told the DPOs that “we have a collective responsibility to ensure the security of citizen’s data”.

“As more Nigerians embrace the digital age,” Tijani reminded Nigerians of the need to maintain their personal and sensitive information under the eyes of confidentiality.

He assured that the government was committed to ensuring that every Nigerian can trust the digital platforms that they use.

According to him, it is not the government’s responsibility alone to protect the data of Nigerians. So everyone must ensure that people around them understand the value of their data and how they can protect themselves, he said.

“As we mainstream the use of technology, not everyone in our society knows how to manage their data, people are coming on social media more and sharing indiscriminate messages on social media, which shouldn’t be.

“We will continue to push and enlighten our citizens to protect their data and we also ask you the DPOs to join us on this journey to protect the data of our citizens,” he said.

He added, “The digital economy is an era of growth and innovation that requires us to nurture it. The president is interested in the power of the digital economy and as we encourage the development of innovative technology, we should also prioritize the implementation of stronger data security and protection as well.

“I want to emphasize that data privacy and protection conversation should go beyond technicalities, they should become values that we all hold and uphold strongly.

“As we build an inclusive and prosperous digital future by fostering a collective culture of responsible data handling, we can ensure our citizens’ personal information is managed responsibly and secured.”

“As a minister, I am personally committed to this and I ask that you all join us to work towards Nigeria where everyone’s data is protected and secured,” he added.

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