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Soldier Couple Arrested For Supplying Army Uniforms To Bandits

Information reaching Naija News House says that Soldier Couple Arrested For Supplying Army Uniforms To Bandits

Following a warning issued by defense chief to Nigerian troops against connivance with terrorist, popular Nigerian broadcaster and multiple awards winning journalist, Babajide Otitoju has poured his mind on the development.

Babajide who was speaking during yesterday’s edition of journalists hangouts disclosed how some soldiers sabotage the fight against terrorism.

Babajide narrated how a soldier and his wife were caught for supplying army army uniforms to bandits.

According Babajide, most of the army uniforms which terrorist wear during operation were supplied by some soldiers.

Soldier Couple Arrested

Hear him: “Sometimes last year in Zamfara state, a soldier and his wife were arrested for supplying army uniforms to bandits. When these bandits are on the highway, you would be confused whether they are Nigerian troops who are manning the roads to secure the place but they are bandits. You may ask yourself where do they get these uniforms from and this is a soldier and his wife being arrested for conniving with the bandits. We can never Win this war if we don’t stop this nonsense. “

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