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BREAKING:Student Hammers A 4 Inch Nail Into Principal’s Head

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BREAKING: Student Hammers A 4 Inch Nail Into Principal’s Head

According to reports the Ainamoi County Special Police Unit is pursuing a form 3 student in the Ainamoi Secondary School.

The 3 male student is chased after he attacked the principal of the school. According to eye-witnesses and classmates, over a balance of 7,000 fees the anonymous student was sent to the principal.

The drama followed, though, when the student began requesting for extra time to clear the debt. However, the school management informed that he had to clear the amount before he could take part.

Student Hammers

Following the altercation, the student

Student Hammers
Student Hammers

allegedly timed the head instructor and pounded a 4-inch-long nail into the back of his head, according to reports. The principal was taken to the hospital, and the police launched a manhunt for the student in question. The condition of his (Teacher’s) health has not yet been revealed at the time of publication.

Student Hammers

Cases like these have been on the rise, with pupils assassinating and attacking their instructors over petty disagreements. Citizens are pressing the government to prioritize the protection of teachers as well as the provision of counseling services in public schools.

Student hammers a 4 inch nail into Principal’s head. What is your comment?

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