Tinubu’s Subsidy Removal: Proposed N8,000 Palliative Lot Of Money — Nigerian Governor Blasts Critics

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Tinubu’s Subsidy Removal: Proposed N8,000 Palliative Lot Of Money — Nigerian Governor Blasts Critics

Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule expressed his disagreement with critics of the proposed N8,000 palliative by the Federal Government, saying, “N8,000 is a lot of money for so many poor families in the country who don’t get to see such an amount in a month.”

Governor Sule made these remarks during an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday, where he defended the efficacy of the N8,000 palliative in alleviating the impact of fuel subsidy removal on impoverished Nigerians.

“We were sharing only N5,000 and believe me there were so many people that were waiting for that N5,000 every month.

Indeed there were some communities that were able to do some kind of contributions and they were able to do a lot in their various communities,” the Governor added, referring to the success of the previous N5,000 palliative distribution.

According to Governor Sule, the N8,000 palliative may not appear substantial to certain individuals, but it holds significant value for many less privileged families who struggle to access such financial support regularly.

“So, N8,000 may not be so much money to some people, but it is a lot to so many other people who are from very poor families that don’t see N8,000 every month. So, the only thing is that let us identify those families,”

As discussions continue on the proposed N8,000 palliative, Governor Sule’s stance reflects a recognition of the varying economic circumstances across Nigeria.

The debate surrounding the removal of fuel subsidy and its impact on vulnerable segments of the population remains a topic of concern.

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