Tips on how to make money from Blogging

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It is true that many people make a lot of money through Blogging ( Online Reports), and also there are people that doesn’t know how to make it, many people become millionaire, self-employed, Boss through Blogging.

These are the tips you can go about:

1. You must create website/ Facebook page
2. Have good domain name
3. Start posting quality and unique contents after creating your website
4. After sometime when you know your site is due for Google, you apply for Google AdSense.
5. When Google approve your AdSense, then you do verification, then you start posting unique contents.
6. When you post contents through your website, share it on your Facebook page, group, Whatapp, then money will start enter your AdSense account.
7. When your money reach 100 dollars, then you supply your bank details and withdraw it.
8. You need to join many Whatapp groups to share your stories.
9. Don’t share your stories on any Facebook group that your not Admin or editor, else Facebook will block your url.
10. Promote your Facebook page and your posts also.
11. Make sure you post at least 30 good and quality posts in a day.

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