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N310,000 Transport To Heaven: Pastor Demands Apology

Following the N310,000 Transport To Heaven, Information reaching Naija News House says that Pastor Demands Apology

A Nigerian pastor based in the United States of America, Taiwo Adewami, has written a letter to the management of Arise Television demanding an apology for the alleged wrong use of his photographs to broadcast a trending video in which a pastor asked his congregation to donate N310,000 each for transportation to heaven.

One Pastor Ade Abraham, founder of Christ High Commission Mission based in Kaduna and Omuo-Ekiti in Ekiti State, in a trending video asked his members to contribute N310,000 each as transport fare to take them to heaven.

Transport To Heaven

The pastor in the video also asked his members to send for their relations that were based in foreign countries to send to them to come home and partake in the contribution.

However, Arise Television in its programme anchored by Reuben Abati, on Wednesday morning, allegedly wrongly used the photographs of another pastor, Taiwo Adewami, as the cleric of the Christ High Commission Mission that asked his congregation to contribute the N310,000 each for the journey to heaven.

Adewami, who said that his picture was allegedly used in the broadcast as that of Pastor Abraham, had instructed his lawyer, Mr Akin Akintoye SAN, to write a letter to Arise Television to demand an apology for the wrong use of his picture in the broadcast instead of that of the offending clergyman.

According to the letter dated April 30, 2022, Adewami is asking the Television station to apologise to him within 72 hours of the receipt of the letter.

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He also demanded that the apology should be given same prominence as the broadcast as well as payment of USD2 million as damages before 14 days.

Akintoye said, “Dr Taiwo Adewami is a business man and a Pastor based in the United States of America,” adding that, “the broadcast has disparaged his person and business as well as his Church; Christ Royal Assembly for All Nations International.

“The broadcast of the video, which is trending on the social media by Arise Television in the last four days, has affected the person of Dr Taiwo Adewami who has been so traumatised by calls from family, friends, business partners all over the world who have been making inquiries on why he had to ask for donations from members of his Church.

“Our client has been receiving calls and letters from various places all over the world and it’s disturbing him a lot. His business and work are being threatened. The name of his ministry: ‘Christ Royal Assembly for all Nation International, has also been defamed by the trending video”, he said.

Akintoye asked the management of Arise Television to pull down and remove the trending video from its mast within 72 hours and make a public apology to him within 14 days while the station should pay the sum of USD2 million Adewami adding that, “failure of your station to meet the demands will make us to take legal action against your station.”

Transport To Heaven

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