JUST IN: Veteran Kannywood Actor Goes Blind, Cries Out For Help, Watch

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JUST IN: Veteran Kannywood Actor Goes Blind, Cries Out For Help, Watch

Abdullahi Shuaibu, popularly known as Karkuzu, a veteran Kannywood performer, has gone blind and has been battling illness.

The actor, whose video was widely shared on social media, asked for financial help, claiming that he had been ill since December 2020.

Shuaibu made his debut in the Hausa entertainment industry in the 1980s with his popular drama Karkuzu na Bodara which earned him the nickname Karkuzu.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Trust after the viral video, Karkuzu said, “I am now blind as I am talking to you. I seriously need financial assistance. I don’t have food to eat and feed my family.

Veteran Kannywood Actor
Veteran Kannywood Actor

“The house I have been living is now for sale. If they sell this house, I don’t know where to go. That is why I am soliciting help from well meaning Nigerians to come to my aid. At least Nigerians should help me buy this house I am living.”

On his blindness, he said, “I have been under the knife twice, but finally the doctors said it is glaucoma, and that I will never see again. I have accepted that as my destiny. But Nigerians should kindly help me. Get me this house, and some food.”

Kannywood industry has many associations and guild, but there are allegations that many actors are neglected when they are sick and are in need of help.

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