Why Attitude?

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Attitude is a predisposition or tendency to respond positively or negatively towards God, certain ideas, objects, persons or situations. Attitude influences individual’s choice of action and responds in different ways to challenges. It is what we believe in, and how we view things that determine our future. Your altitude depends on the goodness or otherwise of your attitude.

According to Pastor Emmanuel, A man was born without any limbs; but he wasn’t deterred by his circumstances. He had the right attitude towards God and humanity; and now he travels round the world encouraging millions with diverse degrees of disabilities and able bodied people as well on how to live life without limits.

Though this young man was born deformed, he did not allow people’s opinion to dictate his destiny. He took charge of his destiny…. And persevered against all odds. He became educated and outstanding in life. If he had sought for people’s opinion to help shape. His destiny, many would have tried to feel pity for his condition and probably advised him on how to become a beggar instead.

You may not be as physically deformed as he is; but perhaps you’re deformed in the mind. I have got good news for you…. Which is that there is no impossibility with God. Start having a deep thought right away on how to reform your mind and have the ‘ I can do’ spirit.

Attitude is everything

Beloved, attitude is basically what determines our altitude in life. It cut across every sphere of life; be it ministry, marriage, health, education, politics, relationship, sport, entertainment etc.

We must as a matter of necessity carefully examine ourselves by asking the following questions:

  1. In what area have I failed?
  2. What is it that caused me to fail?
  3. How can I rise above my failure(s)?

Proper self evaluation could be the panacea for an unproductive life; where regrets and unpalatable experiences would give way for a new order or success and lasting happiness.

Work on your attitude

It is worth mentioning that most of our problems are caused by the attitude we put up whenever there’s an issue. Sometimes it could be as a result of irresponsible behaviors such as procrastination , pride, sexual immorality, lies etc; and not necessarily witchcraft of any sort which many people usually point at as being responsible. The sooner you realize this and make deliberate effort to change your attitude; the better it would be for you.

Have you ever seen anyone without a good attitude excel in life? Even if he finds his way somehow to the top, sooner or later he crashes back to the ground because he doesn’t have the right attitude to sustain him at that incredible height of achievement.

For you to live a life beyond limitation, you have to take responsibility for both your actions and inaction and work toward improving at it whenever you notice something out of place. Shun procrastination. Have a forgiving spirit. Avoid bad company and don’t be too anxious over anything; but take all your good desire to God in prayers for he will certainly answer you when you call upon him with a pure heart.

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