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Zuckerberg Trains With Israel Adesanya Ahead Of Elon Musk ’Bout’

Zuckerberg Trains
Zuckerberg Trains
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Zuckerberg Trains With Israel Adesanya Ahead Of Elon Musk ’Bout’

In a joint post on Instagram on Tuesday, Zuckerberg and Adesanya shared images of themselves alongside Alexander Volkanovski, UFC featherweight champion, in the gymnasium.

In the pictures, the trio are bare-chested and geared for a contest, with Zuckerberg looking sweat-drenched.

The post was captioned: “No Fugazi with Mark. This is serious business!”.

In the comment section, the Meta CEO said, “It was an honour to train with you guys!”.

The development comes amid a constant teaser of a potential mixed martial art (MMA) bout between Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla Inc.

In June, Musk had jokingly challenged Zuckerberg to a “cage match” — a proposed contest to which the Meta CEO replied, “send me location”.

Zuckerberg Trains
Zuckerberg Trains

The feud between the two billionaires took a new twist a few weeks later when Zuckerberg launched Threads, a new text-based social media platform to rival Musk’s Twitter.

The launch came days after Musk announced that a temporary limit had been imposed on the number of posts users can read daily on Twitter.

In response, Twitter threatened Zuckerberg with a lawsuit over “the unlawful misappropriation” of its trade secrets.

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