IPOB Sends Strong Warning To British High Commissioner

IPOB Sends Strong Warning To British High Commissioner

IPOB Sends Strong Warning To British High Commissioner

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Ms Catriona Laing, of engineering the killing of southeasterners by the Nigerian government and security agencies.

IPOB made the allegation on Monday in a statement issued by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful. The separatist group warned the diplomat to stay off Nigerian politics and political processes, saying she has become a part of the country’s problem.

According to the secessionist group, the British High Commissioner has been involved in so many fraudulent activities going on in Nigeria. It also alleged that she has become part of the cabal to select a Nigerian president who will be loyal to the British government and guarantee the uninterrupted flow of oil from the South-East region to Britain.

IPOB, therefore, warned Laing to “remove herself from Nigeria’s fraudulent politics and political processes”.

It said, “We also wish to let her know that the British Government contributes 99.9% of Nigeria’s political and other problems.”

It further stated that the “British Government forcefully colonized Nigeria and looted our resources and traded our people as slaves.

“Britain selfishly and forcefully amalgamated unwilling and parallel ethnic groups into a cage called a country.

“Britain introduced election rigging in Nigeria by falsification of population census in 1964 in favor of the Northern protectorate.

“It is only in Nigeria that people in a desert region will claim to be more in population than people in the rainforest region, but this was done with the help of British manipulations in Nigeria.

“Britain is indirectly fueling the crisis in Nigeria by taking sides with the North against the South, but in particular, against the Igbos.

“The British High Commissioner in Abuja is engineering Nigeria Government and Security Agencies to kill and burn down properties belonging to Biafran citizens to force us to abandon the Biafra movement and struggle.

British High Commissioner

“British High Commissioner, you are a biased Diplomat and have never been sincere in your dealings and utterances concerning Nigeria. You are not telling your government the truth about your involvement in Nigerian politics and National affairs unless they advise you to do so.

“IPOB has always maintained that we are not interested in Nigerian politics and elections. IPOB and ESN (Eastern Security Network) members are only interested in the Biafra referendum date and nothing more.

“Dear High Commissioner Ms. Catriona Laing, you are much involved in so many fraudulent activities going on in Nigeria. You’re part of the problem not part of the solution. You have become among the cabals who select a Nigeria-British loyal President that will guarantee the uninterrupted free flow of oil from Biafraland to Britain.

“IPOB wishes to advise Madam British High Commissioner, to extricate herself from Nigeria’s fraudulent political activities and most especially from its ethnic and fascism politics.”

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