20 Lecturers sacked, one retired by LASU for not having PhD

20 Lecturers sacks, one retire by LASU for not having PhD

The governing council of Lagos State University has dismissed 20 lecturers and retired one for not possessing PhD degrees.http://PhD degrees.

They said lecturers are mainly Lecturer 1 and 11, some of whom had worked for 33 years in LASU without thinking of possessing doctoral degrees.

The Council of the University took the final decision recently after the report of the Appointments and Promotions (Academic) Committee

The decision to dismissed the said lecturers was on recommendations of the report of the 137th statutory meeting of appointment and promotion committee which was presented at the 124th statutory meeting of council held November 2020 at the University Council Chambers.

Report of the Appointment and promotion committee was signed by the Deputy Registrars, Academic Staff Establishment, D.S. Oguegbe and it reads: “Please find forwarded report of the 137th statutory meeting of Appointment and promotion committee held virtually on Tuesday 3rd and reconvened on Wednesday 4th November 2020 via Zoom.”

Those that involved include a Lecturer 1 in Foreign Languages, who had put in 33 years in service. The committee revealed that he had no evidence of completion of the PhD degree.

The committee also discovered that a Lecturer 11 in department of Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management, who had spent 23 years in service was granted approval to pursue PhD.

According to committee findings, about 6 lecturers did not respond to the committee’s demand on their PhD degree, thus it recommended that they be dismissed from the service.

Speaking concerning the sack, the Concerned Academic Staff of the University and Alumni wondered why the Governing Council approved the dismissed of their appointment when it shortlisted a professor without PhD degree for the Vice Chancellor interview.

Both the concerned staff described the Council’s decision as double standard in the application of rules and regulations guiding Lagos State University, dismissing lecturers without PhD and shortlisting one for VC selection interview.

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