Why you need to take your Job hunting online this year

Why you need to take your Job hunting online this year, I believe you know by now, that the world literally moved online in 2020, with businesses, government, individuals and families taking advantage of the wider connections and possibilities that exist there

So, if you are officially tired of trekking the streets with copies of your credentials in an A3 brown envelope,

Or of looking up job vacancy adverts on wall posters and copying out agent numbers, then its time to move online.

Opportunities abound online, that is, If you are ready to land a job soon, from meeting people who can potentially help you land a job, to putting up your applications where it will be seen

However, there’s a right✅ and wrong way to searching for jobs online

And here is a complete guide to help you understand the peculiarities of the different social media platforms and how you can take advantage of each, from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to the almighty Job boards

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