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A young boy Crowned King In Igboland After burial of his Father.

A young boy Crowned King In Igboland After burial of his Father.

A 10 years old boy, Oyeachonam Okonkwo, has become a traditional Chief in Anambra .

Oyeachonam Okonkwo is a very young boy in the land, he is a 10 year old.

The father of the young boy, Igwe Akuebisi, was indigen of Olame 1 Of Iyiora Anam, in Anambra state, Akuebisi was died in last year after sickness and buried in December 2020 and the boy was crowned on Thursday, January 7, 2021 as a king in the land.

The young boy was crowned the Igwe Olanme II of Iyiora Anam in Anambra state.

Naija News House gathered that, the young boy has break a very big record in the State and country nigeria, that ever since the creation of the state, Anambra, no such young boy crowned such big traditional right.

Though many people contemplating whether the young boy will be able manage such position, while some complaining the land would have looked for senior and matured man for the position not a boy.

Another person who spoke with our correspondent said the boy may miss some things to do due to his age. But when speaking with one of Anambra indigen, he said there is no way the title can shift to another person or family, that the land work according to the tradition of the community

From the creation of the state, Anambra, every land and community have their own tradition that everybody respect it, so is not a surprise to crowned the young boy the king, we knew already that thing like this will happen, infact there be a time a five year old will crown a king if the tradition is not change, another source.

Some asked questions; can this boy survive the throne? Some this boy did not run? Was it a compulsory to crowned him? Why not looking for matured man? Is he the only person in the family? Why mother accepting this? Is the boy a Christian? If yes, why his pastor accepting this?

A young boy Crowned King In Igboland After burial of his Father.

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  • It’s just jealous the throne belongs to the boy whether now or then and please leave pastor out of this it’s a traditional matter not church matter