Dajo continues global exploits

Dajo continues global exploits

Dajo arose as the primary African artiste to make a big appearance on Worldwide star and Collection outlines #10. Proceeding with his series of wins, Dajo turned into the principal Niger artiste to record at any rate one passage on the Unified Realm’s singles graph with two diverse albums― Come Nearer (2017) and Ginger (2020). Then, Made in Lagos is the longest graphing Nigerian collection on the UK collections outline for the new decade.

Juju performer, Abiodun, otherwise known as Nunnery Wonderful, is one performer who likes to do his absolute best consistently. A fiery entertainer, he says he generally prefers to do something extraordinary for himself. He talks with TOFARATI IGE about his vocation and different issues.

I would depict my style of music as ‘repertiore’. I to a great extent perform tracks recorded by different artistes.

Some questions answered by Dajo

What is the story behind your stage name?

It is incontestable that God is wonderful. Furthermore, I realize that whoever bears that name with God would likewise succeed. That is the reason I fused it into my stage name. Moreover, my music is great as well.

What are the features of your vocation?

I generally follow my fantasies perseveringly to accomplish incredible outcomes, so I accept that each snapshot of my music profession is a feature. It takes a ton of difficult work to be an effective performer, so one should continually develop one’s art.

What are the regular difficulties you face in your vocation and how would you conquer them?

It is very hard for an artist to get well known and fruitful. It takes a ton of assets, for example, funds, time and individual exertion. Be that as it may, when one goes to the spotlight, one can be said to have survived, however it is additionally intense keeping awake there. Essentially, challenges never end, particularly when one is ‘pursuing’ something to be thankful for.

The Ojuelegba vocalist acquired his second Grammy Assignment in the ‘Best Music Video’ class for the tune.

Which melody was the most trying for you to make?

That would be my subsequent collection, Kinfolk Family Kini. It was very burdening to make yet I am glad that it ultimately came out well.

Have you ever been enticed to change from juju music to hip jump or different types?

Indeed, I really do. That is on the grounds that hip jump artistes perform for just brief periods and get paid enormous measures of cash. Truly, the enticement is consistently there yet I love what I do.

What are your short-terms and long haul objectives for your vocation?

I trust God realizes what is best for me. Notwithstanding, I petition be pertinent for eternity.

Nowadays, adolescents appear to favor hip bounce music rather than juju. What do you think this forecasts for the eventual fate of juju?

That is on the grounds that hip bounce artistes make ‘brisk’ cash. All things considered, I have rebuilt my own image of juju music. That is the reason my band does ‘collection’, not simply juju music in its fundamental structure.

Is there participation among juju artistes?

Truly, I accept there is.

Who are your good examples/admirers/guides?

The performers I truly appreciate are the late American performer, Michael Jackson, and juju music legend, Lord Radiant Ade.


Three of Dajo’s tunes, Acquired Love, Soco and Can’t Accept were guaranteed in Canada. Different melodies, ‘Love’ and ‘Energy’ likewise acquired affirmation in the Assembled Realm; while Come Nearer got confirmed Gold in the US of America; and ‘Bella’ got accreditation in France.


Dajo turned into the principal Nigerian to win a NAACP Picture grant for the melody, Earthy colored Skin Young lady, on which he was highlighted by Beyonce, in the classification of ‘Extraordinary Couple, Gathering/Coordinated effort’. He likewise turned into the most granted African Craftsman throughout the entire existence of the Music of Dark Starting point grants, having won four honors. He was declared the ‘Best African Act’ in the 2020 release of the lofty honor.

He likewise turned into the most granted Nigerian artiste at the Wager Grants, having won multiple times. The vocalist was the main African artiste to be assigned at Brazil’s Breaktudo Grants in the ‘Worldwide Artiste’ class.

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