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9 Innocent Habits That Can Lead To A Relationship’s Downfall

9 Innocent Habits That Can Lead To A Relationship’s Downfall

The relationship between a man and woman is as old as history itself. Love is a beautiful thing, and it can be argued that everyone want to love and be loved. However, some people have found themselves in and out of several relationships within a space of time, while others have enjoyed a long lasting relationship with their partner.

Innocent Habits

With this, it has become obvious that there are attributes in people that can influence their love lives. As such, I have put up this article to discuss 9 attitudes that could be destroying a relationship without the knowledge of the person. These are discussed below in no particular order.

1. Lack of Self-Control

This is a very important quality that every normal human being should possess. It is no doubt that sometimes we tend to be too emotional to, but the ability to control our emotions and react to situations responsibly matters a lot.

Innocent Habits

Any relationship in which one of the partners lacks self-control is already destined to crash. This is due to the high level of embarrassment that the other person will be facing on regular basis.

2) Jealousy

It can be argued that nothing destroys a relationship more than jealousy. Although everyone wants his or her partner to be faithful, but trying to keep your partner away from the rest of the world could end up pushing him or her away. No matter how jealous you are, do not allow it to override your common sense. Everyone needs to feel free and interact with friends.

Innocent Habits

3) Dishonesty

Being sincere in whatever you’re doing matters a lot. You will agree with me that even in business, honestly is very important. If you’re a dishonest person, your partner could be slipping away from your hand without your knowledge.

Innocent Habits

It is a well known fact that honesty is strongly linked to trust. As such, if you are known by your partner as a dishonest person, you may never gain his or her trust. This could eventually push your partner away even without you knowing.

4) Pretence

Another way you could be destroying your relationship without knowing it is by pretending to be who you are not. If you have this attitude, you could be destroying your own relationship. This is because, your partner is likely to leave you the moment he or she discovers that you are not what he or she thinks you are.

5) Taking Your Partner For Granted

No matter now nice and supportive your partner may be, do not take him or her to be a fool. The fact that he or she is always there for you each time you need help dies not mean you should be taking advantage of him/her. If you’re the type that exploits the kindness of your partner, you may end of chasing him or her away without knowing it.

6) Lack of Communication

In every relationship, communication is very important. If you are the type that hardly keep in touch with your partner, you could be creating a room for another person in the life of your partner.

Innocent Habits
Innocent Habits

7) Lack of Intimacy

No matter how much you may claim to love your partner, being intimate with him or her is very important. Without intimacy, relationship is bound to crash.

8) Constantly Comparing Your Partner To Other People.

Comparing your spouse to your ex-partner can be detrimental to your relationship for various reasons. For starters, it gives your partner unreasonable expectations. Furthermore, it will very probably make your spouse feel useless.

Innocent Habits

Instead of focusing on your partner’s flaws, which we all have, try to focus on the enticing aspects of your relationship. Also, remember that there is a particular factor you and your ex are no longer dating.

Innocent Habits

9) Haven’t Eaten Together In A Long Time.

Lovers who usually eat together are pleased in their relationships, according to study. Furthermore, such couples appeared to have a higher level of satisfaction with their foods. So, if you want to be satisfied with both your spouse and your meal, simply eat together.

9 innocent habits that can lead to a relationship’s downfall. Kindly leave your comment on the comments section.

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