What you should know before and after marriage

What you should know before and after marriage

It is very clear that marriage is honourable, and it is divine by God for every individual to enjoy, we also know that there is marriage before and after. In world today everybody want to be husband and wife. So let us look at the following points.

The Divine organogram

God- Christ- Man- Woman

According to Ola Akinkunmi, The above arrangement is a power revelation from God concerning his divine arrangement which the man of God called the Divine organogram and goes like this.

The Bible says but I want you to know; to know what? To know that God has divine order. A structure though which authority and responsibilities flow. That God is orderly in his ways and purpose.

That God established a pattern of relationship that is enduring for eternity. Any attempt by man to disorganize , change or by- pass this divine order bring about confusion, disorderliness, and bitterness.

In God’s own arrangement of authority, the supreme head is God, next in hierarchy is the son ( Christ). And the head of every man in Christ the son, while the head of woman is man. The moment this structure is violated, everything will go wrong. For the organogram to work it has to be meticulously followed. Every segment of the organogram must be conscientiously and faithfully placed. The critical Issues begins like this: the head of every man is Christ and the head of every woman is man.
The big question: is Jesus Christ our head as a man? To the young lady who intends to get marry or already married, is your husband your Head? Or can you accept or see him as your husband? Does he authorize everything you do? Are you speaking and your own Head ( Christ) is covered and dishonoured as if it does not matter? To whom is your allegiance? (Or) is your allegiance to your head ? In the world today there is a general trend to put the man down for the woman. The spirit of anti-Christ is trying to put the man down for the woman. And this is to turn the organogram upside down. In the western world, the organogram look like this

The world organogram

Child- woman- Man- Christ- God

Here as seen above, the Child is put as the head, while the woman is next and the man under the woman; next is Christ and God is pushed out of the world arrangement. No wonder the center can no longer hold in most home in the western world. The spirit of anti-Christ parading itself as human- right activism defending the right of the Child and woman has crept into the the Divine arrangement and turned it upside down. In Europe and America where this practice is pronounced, the family value had fallen drastically, the rate of divorce is high, the family tie is no longer in place, God is not part of their calculation and fear of God is not represented at home. Hence the children are left without control, juvenile delinquencies is now at its peak; why? The Divine organogram had been violated. As a young man man or woman intending to get married, two major issues are of great concern.

The man that covers

In the above scripture, God is dealing with the issue of responsibility and superiority. It is not the issue of whether or not man is superior to woman. But that God is counting on man to be the spiritual head of the home; to be the man that covers, an umbrella, the man who will be there to respond to his wife’s needs.

God in his divine purpose is looking for a man who reflects his glory, that is why a man should not cover his head in the church. This is a great responsibility that God is giving to man: man is the mirror of the glory of God, just as a mirror is a reflector, God wants every man wherever he finds himself to reflect his glory to everyone around him.

The woman that submits

God is presenting a man who reflects his glory and image and who will paint the picture of his glory to the woman without any distortion, so that when the wife obeys him, she does it as obeying the Lord, it means therefore that in every home, the wife and children have a man, the lord, in other words they have in their father or husband, a man who is like God, whatever the husband said is a reflection of God’s thought. In that home there is a man that reflects the imprint of his glory, the man that is touchable and yet is the Lord. No wonder Sarah called her husband (Abraham) “my Lord”

The question to ask; what does God have in mind for the man before he brought in the woman? The woman is specifically made for the man . They are not mate but meet for the man

The Woman that recognizes and accepts divine authority

The young lady intending to marry or newly married should be ready to recognize and accept divine authority giving to man by God.
The young lady should respect and accept the symbol of authority bestowed on her man. The man is the head, and everywhere, the head is the fountain of authority. You may be the daughter of a king raised and brought up in the palace, your father may even hold the highest political post in the country, that does not confer on you the Divine authority meant for your husband. By extensionary our qualification and position do not diminish the authority of your husband; neither does your spiritual standing confer such authority on you, that you are even older than the man is irrelevant in this matter, the head of every woman is the man, and that is the symbol of authority QED.

The role a woman is designed to play

We are all created with a definite purpose. And the purpose is for his pleasure. However it is the needs, that determine the design. When you fail to serve the purpose for which you are made you are only being abused or misused. You ask; why? It is because the Lord is an acting witness between you and the wife of your youth.
The woman from the above two scriptures is created for the main purpose of companionship.

The woman of inner beauty

One of the major essential ingredients of beauty is the rhythm, regularity, consistency, symmetry of colours, shape or structure. When an architect designs a building, the beauty of his or her design is in the symmetry, that is, in the regularity of the structures, arrangement of poles and the consistency in colour and shape.
Similarly, a woman’s beauty is fashion out not in the outward appearance of gold or find apparel, rather is in consistency, regularity, symmetry of her character, which is the inner beauty.

The man that loves and cherished his wife

A real husband must cherish the church and the love of his wife. How? Just as the Lord and cherish the church. A man rather than being envious or jealous of his wife gift or blessing should cherish and appreciate God for such blessing. The reason is simply, in God’s own design everything that is located in his wife; her ability, grace, talent, intelligence, material blessing are all put in her for the husband. The woman that is your wife is deliberately tailor made for you ( the husband).

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